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Need advice on my Goddess

Forums ► Wicca ► Need advice on my Goddess
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Need advice on my Goddess
Post # 1
Hey everyone I am new to this website and wicca. I have been trying to discover my God and Goddess. I read about the Goddess Hecate (sometimes spelled Hekate). The very same day that I watched a documentary about how if that's ur goddess she will either come to u or send u a sign through one of her sacred animals or symbols, I received a package from a family member with a torch on it. I know this is more likely a coincidence, but then I have been thinking about her constantly and I can't stop. I feel such a deep connection to her, but have received no solid sign or dream. I want to know if I'm just fascinated with her or if she is in fact my goddess. Do I call on her or leave her an offering. If so what? What kind of offering? I also was told that since I fall under the air element then I can only worship a God or goddess labelled under that category. And I really love Arianrhod. How do I know who to choose or how they will come to choose me? Help
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Re: Need advice on my Goddess
Post # 2
Pray to her or meditate on her, and she may come to you. But don't rush into this, because gods or goddesses aren't always what their first impressions appeal them as. Don't set up an altar until you know she's chosen you.

For now, I recommend drawing her pictures. Honor her by beautifying them. Make a pretty dress on her (they usually respect their fashion, not ours) and give her a majestic pose. Don't write her name on it, because if she feels it doesn't represent her well, well, her name is already on it and this mortal had officially decreed me this selfish woman holding a torch below me, but it should be above me, etc.

What happened to me, with Athena, was, I found a rock that had a spear on it. I saved it, but thought nothing of it. My dad came home from work and said that the craze at his workplace was spear-fishing, and he said I absolutely had to go with him. I rolled my eyes at this. Then, finally, on the way back from the trip, we stopped at a gas station. I waited out in the car, and took out that lovely stone I found in my backyard woods. I started feeling it, and I got a cut. I held it up to the light, and wow! It was actually broken and it's missing a part. My neighbor found me holding it outside, as I was lookin for another piece, and he told me or was his statue from his collection of Gaming Replicas, thinking it was Azura from the Elder Scrolls. I told him it was pretty, so he told me about it busting, him thinking about recoloring the statue to make it look more like Azura, but instead gave it to me, and sculpted a statue of her in a skirt himself. I loved it, and kept it. I had it for 8 years.

It may seem coincidental at first...but it could grow stronger. Try to make a bond between Hecate and You, and eventually she may come close to you, and reveal herself.

I have abandoned my Athena faith (as horrible as that sounds, after the trouble it went for me to manifest a pantheon of her), and began an Isis faith because of a simple interest calling me. I was looking at Egyptian robes, and found an Egyptian cat with an Ankh on it. I searched it up, and similar searches were of "Isis". I knew who she was. But as I read about her, I felt a beautiful, motherly figure of her come over me, and took my interest. I got an immediate vision or inspiration of what she actually looks like! Sure enough, I searched images of her, and she looked exactly what the vision revealed. I don't know if it was her appearing in the vision, or it was my own ability presenting.
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Re: Need advice on my Goddess
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

First of all, dispense with the idea that you can only work with a God or Goddess associated with a particular Element. The ancients did not view them in that way, and most Deities are far more complex than what would find if they were limited to the characteristics of a single Element. You are made up of all of the Elements, why should then not be.

Generally our Deities do make themselves known to us and if you feel drawn to Hecate then it may indeed be that she is trying to communicate with you. But sometimes were are trying so hard to hear them in a particular way that we miss the subtle messages that they are sending us. If you feel that Hecate is trying to contact you then there are a number of ways you can let her know that you are listening. Create a small altar for her, put an offering on her altar or at a crossroads. Small cakes, honey, eggs, and bread are considered appropriate for offerings these days. Or you could make an offering of one of the stones associated with Hecate such as Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Moonstone, and Smoky Quartz.

There's a good website to read more about Hecate at http://www.witchvox.com/va/dt_va.html?a=usfl&c=words&id=15065

And an excellent book on finding and working with your Patron Deities is " Devoted To You " by Judy Harrow.

It is also entirely possible to work with more than one Goddess at a time. If you are interested in Arianrhod then you could certainly let her know of your interest and see if she wants to work with you. She'll let you know soon enough if you are supposed to have a relationship with her.

In many cases we find that we work with one God or Goddess for a time and then once we have learned what they wanted to teach us they will sever the relationship with you. These are known as Tutelary Deities. Over the many years that I have been practicing I have had several such Tutelary Deities.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

By the way, please spell out your words completely "you" instead of "u". Not all of our members are native English speakers and using textspeak is confusing to them.

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Re: Need advice on my Goddess
Post # 4
Thank you so much. I really do appreciate the advice since my interest is not excepted as much as I would like at home. And also I'm sorry about the spelling of you as "u" I'm 15 and sometimes I am oblivious to my spelling and modern-day slang! I will change it. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this helps.
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