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My Sanctum of peace

Forums ► Astral Projection ► My Sanctum of peace
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My Sanctum of peace
Post # 1
I can Astral Project my Spirit at will very easily and also i cannot be certain but i think it is because i am very close and experiencing the feeling and unconsciousness a lot and i feel life & death as one and honestly i am fascinated with the Afterlife . I day dream and drift into my Astral planes all the time and there is a -second place i go to which would be my Afterlife period- but i will just try & explain my Temple ^.^
In my meditative state i go to my -Temple or Castle- that is located on a Alien landscape it never changes in atmosphere it is always extremely calm with a ever present dull warm haze made up of a drifting white ghostly haze that drifts over the plane's and a harmlessly ambient drone sound that is continuously inner accompanies it's White energy i draw upon.
And with three sister planets that orbit right above the crust of the horizon they are faint but very dominant and command my full attention i am always staring out of my Temple window and as a white energy haze that constantly drift's the landscape that is always seamlessly waiting for me to call for it and without hesitation the massive haze slowly makes it's way back the Castle as it paths with it's long majestic tail of light that drifts for hundreds of thousands of miles snaking it's way back to me and when it reaches the Temple it then ascending high above the roof looming in the atmosphere it then slowly weaves downward to the roof and enters seeping through the ceiling and then circles above my translucent clear state as i am just matter and i channel it as i open up for it to enter.
*I hope that sort of made a little picture for you to see into my inner sanctum. And please note & know my Alien world is for where my Spirit for now it's a calm place of rest & with no evil just a place void of anything from the physical that human's make or think.
(Earthly natural and animals are the only Natural Beauty that truly make to smile)
*I would love to see same comment's with any thought's or feeling about my state or insights into other matters of unconsciousness about channeling other worlds from this life.

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Re: My Sanctum of peace
Post # 2
Wow that sounds very fascinating. Actually, the way you put it, it sounds more like a drift in a conscious dream (lucid dream). But the fact it is the same thing every time isn't like a lucid dream unless you think about this most of the time, and most of your thoughts are taken up by this.
It can also mean your silver cord is weak, and that it has a hard time keeping you hinged into your body. If it feels like its hard to come back to your body, then that's another major indicator of the silver cord. If you have no control of when you leave, it sounds more of a lucid dream without any proper training to me.
But this was so simply fascinating. It made me calm while reading it...it inspires me.
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Re: My Sanctum of peace
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
i agree winterleaf- it sounds peacful, and id love to go there! lol my astral ability is none for now, so i envy you (not really just in a teasing way)

when i try i end up sleeping... which is sad lol i go to dream land but you go to inspiration!
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Re: My Sanctum of peace
Post # 4
Hi Winterleaf- (Thank you for the very nice comment) & Yes it is a conscious dream and when i close my eye's & meditate it is right there i think this is why it is so lucid & i enjoy it. But this landscape is only my transition my other world is even more important . I am endeavoring to draw what i see and experience on to paper.
About the Silver cord i have never knew about it! so i googled it ^_^ http://www.near-death.com/experiences/research12.html
I never knew about this cord stretching out Awesome i wish it was that easy but unfortunately my dreams are so crazy actually i am just thinking about it i will tonight mediate just before sleep maybe i will get my answer but i do like the odd occasions when i can fly in them lol!!
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Re: My Sanctum of peace
Post # 5
Hi Sunshinerain- (Thank you for the reply)
Yes thanks it is a lovely serene landscape.
^_^ i think it would tricky trying to find my world through my dreams as i find in dreams they are like ever changing film sequences interesting and always bounding forward. But Meditating you can bring your dream place to a higher plane and channel it all the time so go learn and explore.
Luck good on your journey's.
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