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Um... Hi (note- if youre ever hurt, sad, depressed, etc you can talk to me, stranger or not... ive seen a great deal of death this year, too many of my friends and family are dead. 2 were in the hospital in critical states. My dear friend, and my Great-Grandma :( they both are fine now :D and im ok. ive lost enough to see that time is short, but every second is your right! so... even if its just sad, or small, or if its something far worse, you have me. trust me, id love to be anyones friend. and i want to help anyone, with anything i can, because the world is too sad!) Im new to this, and beginner so thanks for the support everyone! I have 3 brother and 2 sisters- my family doesn't know im a witch, or pagan... (our little secert!) Ive practiced seriously about a year now, after 4 years of off and on study, however Im fair at really nothing but a few quirky tricks. sure l can cast spells, meditate, etc, but nothing special. I need to get better :) Im still exploring the world. I hope this site helps! i love new information! if you have some please share! ill listen to drama, but expect advice or help... not more drama- i wont be continously egging your drama on because i already have that problem for myself. ill help you, but not do things for you, unless you really can convince me you need it, and remember- im beginner. there are others who are much better. Spirits im pretty good, but still a hit or miss Divination im really good, but im sure this is an easy thing to learn with tools (however my random seeing and dream foresight is something different. i dont call that divination) Herbs arent my thing but i can with a set plan in mind make stuff. Spells im not sure why, but love is easiest, next to luck, happiness, and success. i avoid controlling will though, and try to stick to attraction. i believe in free will. --- binding spells im fair at. only fair because of free will but remember-- im just a beginner, so my good is nothing to others skill! Heres a poem that I first heard when I was reading my text book in my English class, instead of listening to our recite of Romeo and Juliet. If you lost someone... i suggest it... (im reciting it from memory, so it might be off. im also basing it off my favorite version, interpreted into a song sung by Leah.) "Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep" "Do not stand at my grave and weep- I am not there, i do not sleep. When you awake in the mornings hush, I am the swift uplifting rush... I am the thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond gleam on snow, I am the sunlight on ripen grain, I am the gentle Autum rain..." -Elizabeth Frye/Leah