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Witch and Reader for Hire

Forums ► Advertisements ► Witch and Reader for Hire
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Witch and Reader for Hire
Post # 1
Not sure what happened to my last ad, so we'll try again! :D Text taken from my Craigslist ad and Facebook page, the latter is here:


Phoenix Fire Readings and Witchery is a small project of mine to offer my services to the public through Tarot and Cowrie Shell readings, as well as spell-craft charming, and many other methods. Through these, I can help you find balance, peace, and harmony in many aspects of your day to day life. Along with these services, I also offer Cleansings, Meditation Guides, and Exorcisms/Banishings as needed. In way of physical crafts,,I offer handmade brooms and staffs!

I am a Witch and Herbalist who has been practicing my craft for going on 7 years now, and in so doing have helped many who have found themselves feeling lost, helpless, and in some cases even tormented by their uncertainties or confusion. I offer my services to anyone in need, no matter the need, including Spell Casting, Charming, Potion Making, Tarot and Cowrie Shell Reading, Hexing and Cursing*, Enchantments, Protections, Banishing and Exorcisms, and One on One Consultation to aid in Meditation.

At Phoenix Fire Readings and Witchery, I also offer Group Meditations, Sabbat Celebrations, Holy Day Gatherings, and much more. My fees vary, depending on what service you require, but no matter the service I guarantee my prices will be the best in the area, as I believe money should not keep anyone from seeking out any help, aid, or guidance.

Tarot and Cowrie Shell Readings can be done via email or in person, but most forms of charming, spell working, etc. must be in person as of now. Most items crafted must be kept on the person whom they are crafted for to take effect, and while some charm bags may well fit in a standard envelope, most charms are not so lucky. Any long distance readings done must be paid for via PayPal. I do not accept half payment before a reading as I have been scammed multiple times by people I wished only to help.

~Any in person readings or workings must be scheduled in advance so I may be properly prepared for your unique situation. My availability is from 7:00AM - 9:00PM seven days a week~

*-Please note, these services will require in depth discussion and potentially be charged double depending on the situations surrounding the "need."


By inquiring about my services you hereby agree that any decisions made based on any services given, whether good or ill, are not my responsibility. Tarot and Cowrie Shell Readings are used only to offer guidance to those whom they are given, as well as a second look at any situation, and do not serve as fact. The future is constantly shifting and changing, but I can tell you the direction it appears things are going. Likewise, any charming or spelling is done with the full understanding of the client that nothing is guaranteed. If a charm or spell dies not work, I do promise to work further with the client until the desired goal os reached, or until I can no longer help the client in question. Any and all costs are derived by the cost of the materials needed plus labor. All services are non-refundable to a degree. If you are absolutely dissatisfied, I will work with you to rectify the situation, but I do not guarantee any refunds.


*** It was GREAT! I didn't really see it coming or agree with it to begin with, but now that we're a few months down the road and I'm healthy, I realized the whole reading is exactly as it was described. I asked about love, and Dakota told me there would be a love that doesn't drag me down and truly built me up, which has come to pass. I am so very happy with who I'm with. I'm finding that I'm hopeful for a great future, and even looking forward to it. Things are going really good. There is definitely a time for happiness, just as he said. The whole thing was extremely accurate, and I'm even requesting another reading today!

-Shae McNerny, Alamosa, CO. Tarot Card Reading

*** I would most definitely recommend Dakota to do a reading. I live in a different state and he gave me such an accurate reading it was almost scary! He explained my results in a way I could understand them. I could feel he wanted to help me, and that was just through messaging him on Facebook before the results! He is someone I would go to in a heartbeat if I was unsure of what's to come. Five stars people!!!!

-Lacey Ochoa, Edna, TX. Tarot Card Reading

***I have received 2 readings now from Dakota Niswonger and both were spot on. I never imagined that they could be so accurate, or that I would be going through and doing what I am now. I will definitely keep on getting my readings from Dakota. He is absolutely amazing at his craft.

-Angie Rangel, Denver, CO. Tarot Card Reading

*** Dakota once helped me with a spell that in hopes would acquire me a job that I would be happy in. A day later not only did I receive two interviews, I was accepted to both. The one I have chosen I've never been happier in, and I have Dakota to thank!

-Marcie Hernandez Shull, St. Augustine, FL. Spell Working

***At first my reading was a little confusing and left a lot more questions than answers but everything Dakota laid in front of me came to light within a few days of the reading. I would say even if you aren't a full on believer in this kind of thing give it a try , it opens up your eyes and makes you understand your life a little bit better.

-Georgia Hartsfield, Pueblo, CO. Tarot Reading

Feel free to message me for further details regarding pricing and information! Looking forward to hearing from you guys!!

Re: Witch and Reader for Hire
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Do these people know that you are giving their names and addresses out? Your service may be legit, but I would not like my personal info given out so freely on a site where we use user names, rather than real names. Just saying..

Re: Witch and Reader for Hire
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Members should never, under any circumstances,pay money for spells or Tarot Card readings.And anybody can write their own testimonials!

Re: Witch and Reader for Hire
Post # 4
Names and addresses are not given out over this website, if they are gucen at all. If they are uncomfortable with such things there are ways around it. My main concern is always the comfort of my client.

Brysing, your rude and inappropriate comment was deleted from my last posting, and now I've had enough. How DARE you question my credibility by accusing me of writing my own reviews. Not only is that grossly inappropriate for a moderator if this site, it's childish! For someone of such "wisdom," you're showing yourself to be very immature. Whatever your problem is with me, I invite you to message me privately and solve it, because I am sick of this. My ad PERFECTLY follows the SoM Guidlines, as agreed upon by other mods. Furthermore, people are ALWAYS paying for card readings and magic. Just because dont agree doesn't give you the right the slander my character with accusations of lies, nor to state that people shouldn't go for my services. As I said before, if you have such a problem with me, I invite you to message me about it, as I am over this.

Re: Witch and Reader for Hire
Post # 5
Star.Child, yes. The people who gave me their testimonials also gave me oermission go post their info online, as it's very broad, only used to show the wide array of people I've worked with.

Re: Witch and Reader for Hire
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
He didn't say you specifically. He said it was possible. And frankly it is common practice to write one's own reviews or hire someone to do so for a variety of purposes online.

Given the intangible nature of spells, the variable chance of how they will work, and so on and so forth, he, and many of us who have been in the community for a while, generally caution people about paying for spells. It is, often, merely a leap of faith that you pay to take. Much like faith healers and a variety of other charlatans that will happily scam you for your last scent. Do the spells sometimes work? Are the businesses sometimes legit? Maybe, and maybe. And that's the absolute best you'll ever get for a guarantee. Meanwhile, this site is full of youths, children, and desperate people willing to believe anything.

So I turn the question back around on you. How dare -you- lash out at someone offering a word of caution?

Re: Witch and Reader for Hire
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

I don't understand the reluctance to pay for someone to read Tarot for them. This is a long and respected custom that has gone on for centuries.

In fact, the High Priestess that first trained me, read cards on a professional basis to bring in extra income to her home. She was a truly talented reader who was highly sought after for the accuracy of her readings. Many of her clients used her regularly as a sort of consultant when making big decisions in their lives and didn't resent paying for the readings in the least because they were so accurate. She charged a reasonable rate for such services, and for coven members she charged a discounted rate. No one ever thought that there was anything in the way of a scam in what she was doing.

The High Priest that founded the Tradition in the 1960's in I eventually trained read palms and cards professionally for a living in Jackson Square in New Orleans. His readings were accurate and fair.

Sure there are scam artists out there who will give false readings and tell you what you want to hear. But not all readers are like that. So I hardly think it's fair to the good readers out there who are doing honest work for which they deserve honest pay.

Re: Witch and Reader for Hire
Post # 8
Thank you, Lark.

Re: Witch and Reader for Hire
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
Fair enough,Lark. But what I really meant is on-line readings. A personal consultation is not quite the same thing.And what I said about testimonials is quite correct; anyone write their own.Dakota's testimonials may very well be quite true;but there is no way of knowing,is there? Many people will consult an Astrologist for a personal reading. But to send money to somebody you are never likely to meet, is to my mind, a bit silly.

Re: Witch and Reader for Hire
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
The services offered go well beyond tarot card reading (which also has a history of con artists as long as its existence).

" Along with these services, I also offer Cleansings, Meditation Guides, and Exorcisms/Banishings as needed... ...Spell Casting, Charming, Potion Making, Tarot and Cowrie Shell Reading, Hexing and Cursing*, Enchantments, Protections, Banishing and Exorcisms, and One on One Consultation to aid in Meditation. "

Thus words of warning.

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