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Badly need reading

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► Badly need reading
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Badly need reading
Post # 1
Hi is anyone have time to give me a reading about my situation right now? I badly needed it? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Badly need reading
Post # 2
I'll try my best and see if I can help. Please message me
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Re: Badly need reading
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I'm sure a lot more people would be willing to help if you had more on your profile!

A lot of people won't take a member seriously if they have no information about themselves on their profile. It's important to state things like what you know, what you're studying, and what you want to know. Other information is good too, but the previously stated is what people look for most.

As for a reading, are you talking about Tarot, or some other kind of reading? There are a lot of different kind of readings a person could give you, and you may want to be more specific in what you want so you can get more accurate responses.

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Re: Badly need reading
Post # 4
Thanks for the help . Yes you are right I have to put something on my profile. About the reading. Anything would do for me .
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Re: Badly need reading
Post # 5
I signed up here to give you a reply.

It is to my knowledge not recommended to do readings for other people. I suggest you do a reading for yourself. Seeing we both are from Germany, I can tell you that any specialised shop should sell a Tarot deck for around 10-15 Euro. It is important that the deck fits you, so you should go there, take your time, feel if it is the right deck for you.
In my case it was by holding my hand over it, and it energetically "spoke" to me. One important note here: Use your non-primary hand for feeling energy when working with Tarot. The primary hand (right if you are right-handed, left if you are left-handed) represents the ego, and the other hand represents intuition and related traits. But maybe other methods work for you, possibly you just know a deck is right for you. If nothing speaks to you, try to use a commonly used deck such as the Rider Waite tarot.
There is among some the belief you should not haggle over prices of the tools you use, so it is recommended you accept the price it costs and don't try to haggle.

Once you have acquired your deck, you might want to buy a few candles. I would recommend at least a white candle as a symbol for truth, and then one of another color depending on what you want to achieve with the reading. For my reading of a past life I used a pink candle for remembrance, but if you want to do a divination about a possible future a white candle alone should be enough, a silver candle might generally help with readings however.

I use a black underground for my readings, but it is not necessary.

Before you start, make sure you are undisturbed for a longer period of time.

If you want, follow those steps now, this is how it works for me but everyone has a different approach:
- You might want to clean yourself, i.e. take a shower, bathe, wash, and see this as a kind of spiritual cleansing.
- Ground yourself. You can find various grounding methods on the internet, for me one that includes a tree works good, but you should choose whatever you feel works for you.
- Protect yourself. You can burn incense, pray to your spirit guardian to watch over you, pray to angels, or use any other method that suits you. If you are a bit experienced with magic, you can do the LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram).
- Preferrably turn off electric lights if any are on.
- Pray to receive the truth in the following reading, and light the white candle. If you use a silver candle as well, pray for knowing the possible future or whatever else you try to know and light it.
- Do the reading with the method that works best for you and the pattern that resembles what you want to know.
I personally shuffle the cards, spread them on the table and use my left hand for each card to hover over them until I feel something energetic. Take your time. If you don't know what card gives out energy, lay the others aside and spread out the few that are together. Be certain you have the right card. Lay it onto the pattern but do not reveal it yet. Proceed until all cards are chosen, then reveal them.
- When you are finished with the ritual, blow the candles out if you want.
- Write down what you received or make a photo, as time passes and your knowledge increases there might be new meanings to the cards. Also know that they speak individually. There are some standard meanings of cards, but it is also important what you feel they want to tell you by their symbolism. Take your time to understand the pictures, the symbolism.

- If you intend to do rituals often, record the result: Write down the conditions of the ritual, such as date, day of the week, time, weather conditions, your physical condition, phase of the moon, what rituals you performed and in what way, and the result of the rituals.
This will be an important tool to find under what conditions magic works the best for you. Especially for Tarot you might also want to do a small ritual where you draw one card that will symbolise your day:

- Protect yourself.
- Pray for a card that symbolises how the day will be, and light the white candle or the white and silver candle.
- Do a reading where you choose only one card. Again, use the non-primary hand.
- Blow out the candles if you desire so and record it (see above).

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to ask, and remember that my method is by no means the only possible one.
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Re: Badly need reading
Post # 6
I sometimes do readings, if you want to have a rune reading.

It all depends on the kind of divination readings, you want however. Therefore, due to various divination readings, the post could have been specific.

Some are Runes, tarot, palmistry, stone reading,and even leaf readings.

I do rune meanings, and i heard that some tea leafs, ''chair'' or ''green tea'' is recommended. As well as tarot is simple if you do the past, present, future spread. If however you want a more in depth spread, i suggest the celtic cross.
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Re: Badly need reading
Post # 7
Of course, if someone wants to do a reading for her, it is completely fine. I just reply to explain the reason behind what I wrote above, that you never should do it for someone else.

The issue is that if you do a reading, or any magic, for someone, it works for that person and then that person needs to find someone again to have it done again. By learning yourself how to do it, you can do it whenever you have the time for it and you feel like you should do it. Also, there is the risk of falling to frauds, so one must always be careful on who does the reading: As a basic rule you should never pay for it.

As I have read now on the profile of Redjdh, she tried some magical work a few times, such as meditation, and it never worked. So for her for now it might be the best approach to receive a reading from another person.

Yes, I have received a reading when I was younger and it was true. Then I received a reading later that was wrong, by a fraud. And at some point my future changed because I changed so the true reading does not hold true anymore.
This is also something to consider: Something that might be true when the reading is done might not be true anymore if a person changes the path they are on.

So, yes, I encourage you, EyesOApollo, to do a reading for Redjdh if you both are comfortable with it, but also to help her to eventually being able to read for herself.
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Re: Badly need reading
Post # 8
I am very grateful for your advice dracan.
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Re: Badly need reading
Post # 9
It is very much appreciated eyesoapollo. I'm not familiar with rune reading.
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Re: Badly need reading
Post # 10

If you have not already gotten any bites to read for you, I would be delighted to do so. Please mail me with your specific question and I will do a reading for you. :)

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