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Post # 1
So i really need the obsession phrases and i dont know how besides spending money! No offence i'm not lazy but there are circumstances at home which makes this happen! Can anyone list me the phrases?
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Re: Help?!
Post # 2

Phrases? You mean spells?

Besides if it is that bad, you need to talk to someone. Don't always rely on magic especially,

if you are new to magic and do not know even what it is or how it works, which by judging by your profile and question, you do not.

I'd suggest read up on magic and then see what you think of your own question.

But seriously, speak with a therapist. You wanna spend money? Spend it with a therapist. It will be money well spent.

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Re: Help?!
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Hey Larina

Youre looking to get a guy or guys interested in you?

I dont know what they are, but I know what you are looking for kind of.

Body language is as important if not more important than words in this regard.

Always act and speak in a way that demonstrates that you have high value. You can be shy or as coy as you like but as long as you show value when you are out in social situations, guys are going to be into you.

When you smile, be sure to be somewhat demure about it. Let him approach you. Then when you speak keep your body language in a kind of "closed" way.

"open" your body language up when the boy reveals something that you like or admire, that is believable. Smile turn your body to him but slightly turn your head away.

Another body language pose that is both demure but somewhat provocative is when your hips go one way but your torso goes another. Its a classic pose that shows you off without revealing much about yourself.

A lot of guys find that irresistible.

During conversation, try to get the guy to open up to you, beyond bragging and talking about work or sports or whatever. Get him to open up and tell a story about his childhood or something that just touches on emotion.

If you get this to happen, and can empathize with these positive emotions that he brings up, you can bond him to you emotionally. Be careful about empathizing with or getting into negative emotions...at least at first, keep it positive upbeat and happy and bond with him over that.

Try this out. Dont spend the money on it. There are no magic words that will trigger an instant bond. and some guys wont be able to be bonded at all. But using the above stuff could work out pretty well.

The only authority i have on this is studying psychology, body language and incorporating it into daily practice. Im still just "a guy" so theres a lot of subtlety that im sure im missing. But overall id say some decent advice to get you started?

What do you think?

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Re: Help?!
By: / Novice
Post # 4
oh... and theres other stuff too...if you want...

but give a bit of context for your situation...that would be helpful.

PM me if you want.

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