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Vodou and Wicca

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Vodou and Wicca
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Vodou and Wicca
Post # 1
Both religions are different and unique in many ways. I was wondering which practices are more effective. Vodou worship and work their rituals and magic with Loas(or lwa). A Wiccan doesn't necessarily practice witchcraft, but in this context I am referring to Wiccans who are pagans(or simply worship the God and Goddess) and uses the gods' help in their ritual and magic. Although I do believe it depends in the person, I can't help feeling vodou is somehow more "aggressive" and affective.

I have wiccan friends and vodouists friends, and I have to say my vodouists friend always carry immense energy, while my wiccan friends carry a more soft energy. I've attended vodou rituals, and they even get possess by their loa and the spiritual energy radiate in the room, almost too overwhelming, but wonderful. In wicca rituals, we are more "organised". We do not dance wildly or have drums in our rituals, nor we get possessed like vodouists do, although we do call upon our gods. Mostly I just feel their wonderful energy around me and inside me, but still I'm conscious and do not go in a trance like vodouists. According to my friends they don't even remember what they did after the loa leaves their bodies, because they literally turn into the loa, they are not their "self".

Are our gods more "laid" back than Loas? Why are our gods are more "calm" than Loas or other tribal african deities? Why is our energy different than theirs?

I am not being disrespectful to any religion nor the gods. I respect every deity and I believe they all work in many different ways! :)
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Re: Vodou and Wicca
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Vodou and Wicca are very different, and they abide by completely different sets of rules. Neither religion is "more effective" than the other. Wicca is considered a very new-age love, light, and peace-loving religion. It's rede specifically says "Harm ye none" so of course the deities being worshipped are going to represent those beliefs.

The Lwa (forgive me if I'm wrong, this is not my expertise) are typically known for being fierce deities who don't put up with any nonsense. They recognize that pain is a part of life, and that people will end up hurting others whether on purpose or not. Indigenous religions are known for being very intense, as the indigenous peoples had to deal with pain and death on a daily basis. Wicca can be considered much "softer" because it's fairly new and modern struggles are extremely different than those in the past.

The energy is different because both religions follow completely different "paths" and work with very different deities. While Vodou recognizes pain and death, Wicca tends to focus on life and renewal. Both are respectable religions, and both can also be aggressive and powerful.
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Re: Vodou and Wicca
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I have studied both Vodou and Wicca, wicca for a longer period but I practice Vodou now.
As for your question about the Loa and Pagan Deities, I believe its more so of personality and it isn't bond to the religion its self. Loa and Deities all have their own personality, some of them are aggressive, some of them are more gentle. This works in both ways. I know of Pagan Gods and Goddesses that are very gentle and easy going, but I know of some that are aggressive and strict. Same with Vodou. I don't really believe it to be the religion, but the spirit its self.

As for the rituals, there is many different types of rituals on both sides. Not all Wiccan rituals are "calm" and not all Vodou rituals are wild. Its more the tradition of the practitioner and the purpose and type of ritual thats being performed.
With the vodou rituals you describe here, where people become "possessed" and theres much dancing and energy in the room. Thats normally a group ritual, solitary rituals are more calm and organised. Group rituals are like celebrations, and they can get very wild because of all the energy together in the room. I personally view those events as beautiful and powerful, the people are enjoying themselves, expressing themselves. Culture has a lot to do with this as well.
But, like I said group rituals and solitary rituals in vodou are pretty different. Solitary rituals can be a lot like Wiccan rituals, meditation, chants, divination, etc and are very peaceful much of the time.

The religions are very different, the practices and methods are similar in many ways but the traditions themselves are very different.
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Re: Vodou and Wicca
Post # 4
Wonderful explanations, thank you all.
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