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Sikhism (Everyone)

Forums ► Other Paths ► Sikhism (Everyone)
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Sikhism (Everyone)
Post # 1
Who is G-d?
I dont know, no on really does that is sikhism.

Although you may believe this and i the other, can anyone prove to the world they are for sure correct? We dont know our creator for sure, we just choose to believe whatever it is we believe.

Sikhism doesnt try to tell you who that is, in fact they say they cant tell you because he/she is unknowable, yet is everywhere even in us. Yet Sikhs dont say whoever you believe in is wrong, there is no discrimination becuase they belive in a universal spirit g-d. Their is a belief all the g-ds are a manifestation of one infinite being. So when i refer to G-d im not specifically referring to the christian g-d.

So the reason i mention this is because sikhism is practical, spiritual and universal and encourage everyone to take a gander at it. You dont have to convert, the aim is to help. Ive noticed many people asking help here yet no one gives you what youre asking for specifically. Sometimes you cant cast a successful spell or just need guidance, sikhism can help anyone regardless of religion gender etc.

Their are many shabads (prayer mantras) that can be used instead of spells and have many people say its more successful than spells whether your good with magick or not.

Prosperity: 4th pauri of japji
Self love: 18th pauri of japji
Elevation: 23rd pauri of japji
Family Karma: 24th pauri of japji
Mental karma: 32nd japji pauri of japji
To bring intimacy in relationships: Usat ninda nanak jee

Recite them at least 11 times a day at about the same time everyday for at least 40 days. Theirs many more but just a few for show. They are in gurmukhi, but can be recited in English to both have benefits. If you are christian muslim or even jewish i recommend reading english because some words are connected to pagan deities in gurmukhi but not in English.
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Re: Sikhism (Everyone)
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
So now you are teaching Sikhism! Have you gone off Kundalini Yoga, then?
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Re: Sikhism (Everyone)
Post # 3
.... i cant tell if ur complaining or not? Im not teaching just recommending. Did i say something wrong?
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Re: Sikhism (Everyone)
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Yes, I am complaining, about your long, elaborate posts about subjects that many members would not be interested in. For instance, Lark will fully explain Wicca if a member asks about it. I would explain witchcraft to any member who asks!
So, tell me; who has asked you about Sikhism or Kundalini Yoga?
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Re: Sikhism (Everyone)
Post # 5

"(Side note: What most high Magicians here took years to learn, I believe you CAN learn in a few months given the right discipline.)"

Libran, giving that this quote comes directly from your profile, I doubt anyone is going to take your "teachings" seriously. No doubt that those "high" magicians had the right discipline. It's not about just discipline. It's about consistencey, practice, study, research. And those do take time. Yes technology helps in big way, but that does not help with personal experiences. Which is what needs to be gained on one's own.

And I agree with Brysing. No one is asking you to post this stuff. I, myself just glance at it and pass right over it, forgetting it the next minuet. This site is a magic site, to discuss magic and help others with magic. Not religion

And another thing, I have no idea what you are talking about. I would have to have at least a little knowledge in this to know what you are talking about. If I don't understand it, why should I continue to let someone "teach" me about it when they haven't even taught the basics of what they are trying to teach.

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