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Post # 1
I am requesting help because this is a problem I have not encountered.My boyfriend is being tormented by something ghost or? I am a 3rd generation witch spellcaster and I have the gift of seeing hearing and feeling ghosts. Although it is rare to have more than one happen at a time ie; hearing and seeing a ghost at the same time. My boyfriend also has a gift his is precognition and i would say he is pretty spot on. when we met he told me he also saw spirits and I believed him able to see like I do but as it turns out what I see he doesn't and what he hears and sees I cant. His rantings of hearing voices got me to be convinced that he was mentally unstable so I put him in for a 3 day eval and he was out in a day and a half clean mental screening. The more we have been together the more I am noticing that he is spot on with some things I never told him or anyone for that matter and also I noticed the more disturbing the "hauntings" of him are getting. They are affecting his health his family life as well as ability to hold down a job. Like I said I already went the mental path but it is not that. It started 7 years ago and it is increasingly getting worse. they scream at night and wake him from a dead sleep. he recorded a video in which you can actually see 2 pairs of eyes glowing at you.( can post if requested) I think something really bad has latched on to him or someone did something and it just seems to get stronger. He has already attempted suicide on many occasions. For the first time last night I actually heard them. I need help Guidance for him I cant do it alone Please someone help us
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Re: tormented
By: / Novice
Post # 2
You should probably post this video.

If you are third generation, why can't you ask your family? They should know your boyfriend and might have knowledge in this field.

You say you put him in for a three day evaluation but they released him early. What were the tests? You mention screams at night, did they check he doesn't have any sleeping disorders? What about medical issues. Maybe his mind is ok, but a vitamin deficiency could cause problems too. You also need to consider he could be messing with you [don't get mad, I'm saying anyone could lie]

Cleanse and protect. I know you probably tried already, or you didn't want to hear that, bit it's your best answer. Cleanse him and the house, then protect him and the house. Repeat. If what you say is true, repeat a lot, like every week for 2 months, then every month. Daily shielding might be a good idea. Figure out what the being is so you understand what it wants and how best to rid yourself of it.
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Re: tormented
Post # 3
Thank you i'm going to try the cleansing. Reason I dont ask my family is my mother and grandmother passed and unfortunately my relationship with my sister is strained. I love your input thank you so much.
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