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No Subject

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No Subject
Post # 1

thank you for your advice but I was randomly working if I can maybe ask someone experienced to help or either do it for me as their experienced? What do you suggest? this is really important because I just want a happy love life and a calm house for my family in the future and don't want arguing with my future husband and unnecessary stress from others......?
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Re: No Subject
Post # 2
Every now and again when negative energy gets caught up in the house, I burn some incense (I use dragons blood lately)light my spell lamp and say;
"Take away the ill and bane, send it back from where it came.
Take the negative replace it with love, from earth below to sky above."
I don't know anything about the rest of your question. I'm assuming it's geared to a specific person.
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Re: No Subject
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
This^ I disagree with. Your energy will not be bound simply because somebody else cast a spell for you. If your energy becomes bound at all it will be because the caster had cast a binding spell on you instead of the spell you had first asked for. The real reason why you shouldn't ask people to cast for you is because it will almost always not work out. Spells are way more effective for you if you cast it yourself. You have that personal connection to the matter at hand nd therefore more motivation to actually accomplish your goal. If you ask someone else, especially someone over the internet, to cast a spell for you.. well they have a very little chance of success IF they do try to cast it for you. They would at least have to have some type of connection to you in order to have a real idea of where to send the energy to. Which is actually why they would need a picture or yourname or some type of personal thing. This is another problem because if you provide certain personal information, you open yourself up to, being robbed, having your identity stolen, among other things.

The problem with asking others to cast spells for you, is not because your powers will be bound (unrealistic), but more because realistically you open yourself up to a bunch of serious threats like identity theft *plus* its almost impossible for someone to cast a spell for you over the internet and long distances
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Re: No Subject
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
In response to the matter at hand... if you don't want to argue with your family, husband, or anyone else for that matter. You simple can choose not to. You can have disagreements in a civil manner without having anything turn into an argument. If there is a mutual respect between the pair of you, you should be able to communicate without yelling. If you must argue with each other loudly, yelling, or upsetting each other, then there isn't a mutual respect.. and you probably should not be together, or you need to work that out.

Also do not be too anxious to get a husband or a boyfriend or jump into a relationship because you feel you need it. You must take your time. If you start a relationship fast and get married fast, then you risk starting arguments fast, getting divorced fast, and upsetting each other just because you don't know each other well. If you are experience unnecessary stress from others, you may want to try to adjust yourself and reprogram your mind to be more relaxed and not accept stress. This can be achieved through meditation and by simply telling yourself "who cares" when something slightly stressful happens.

There certain aromas that have calming effects to them also. You could use those to fill your house with peaceful scents (you could simply bake cookies), to help make others in your house more peaceful. Most problems between individuals are the result of a lack of communication, if you talk things out you should be fine. Also you might just need to have a party or something, to let people know you care and to give everyone an opportunity to get to know each other
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