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Making a pact
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Hi , i am here to talk about ouija boards ....
For my own mouth the ouija boards are the portal for a spirit to be called and to be talked .... So i never try ouija . Because i doubt that it can be use in my house ....
Ok . Making a pact for a spirit is not very easy but a little bit easy...
The ways to be asked on spirit using a board is:
What is your name ?
Where do you live before you die ?
How old are you ?
How can i help you ?

So at the question of " How can i help you ?" can just be a justification .....
If you tried to helped them and he/she saw that your helping . It is the time to make a PACT
by finaly telling/asking.
" Now , I helped you . Is it done ? Can you help me back ?"
The can help you . From everything as you wish except fantasy .

spirits are a dimensional being that cant see in our physical eye but an consious mind can .

thank you for looking my post , hoping for unruded posts
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Re: Making a pact
Post # 2

Pfff,all is wrong.

1)IYour subject is "making a pact" then you want to talk about ouija boards and at end you talk about pact with a spirit :

2)If you use ouija board you don't make a pact with a spirit

3)I don't think that you tested this "pact".

4)I don't think that you can make a pact with a spirit.

5)If is possible you can't make a pact just with some words or help a spirit.

6)A spirit will not help you because you help it (And how someone can help a spirit,be more specific!).

7)To build a relationship with a spirit,deity etc. can take time !

And now a little help for this post :)))


A Ouija board is commonly used indivinationandspiritualism, often by friends out to have some fun. Sometimes, users become convinced they've been contacted by the spirit world. The board usually has the letters of the alphabet inscribed on it, along with words such as 'yes,' 'no,' 'good-bye,' and 'maybe.' A planchette, a small 3-legged device with a hole in the middle or a pointer of some sort, is manipulated by those using the board. However, users often feel the planchette is moving of its own accord rather than responding to their own unconscious muscle movements (ideomotor action). The users ask a "spirit" a question and the pointer slides until it stops over "yes" or "no" or a letter on the board. Sometimes, the selections "spell out" an answer to a question asked.

Some users believe that paranormal or supernatural forces are at work in spelling out Ouija board answers. Skeptics believe that those using the board either consciously or unconsciously move the pointer to what is selected. To prove this, simply try it blindfolded some time Have an unbiased bystander take notes on what words or letters are selected. Usually, the results will be unintelligible.

The movement of the planchette is not due to spirits but to unconscious movements by those controlling the pointer. The same kind of unconscious movement is at work in such things asdowsingandfacilitated communication.

Before there were Ouija boards in America there weretalking boards . These could be used to contact the spirit world by anybody in the privacy of one's own home; no sance was required and nomediumneed be present (or paid!).No experience necessary! No waiting! Quick results, guaranteed!

The Ouija board was first introduced to the American public in 1890 as a parlor game sold in novelty shops.

E.C. Reiche, Elijah Bond, and Charles Kennard ... created an all new alphanumeric design. They spread the letters of the alphabet in twin arcs across the middle of the board. Below the letters were the numbers one to ten. In the corners were "YES" and "NO."

Kennard called the new board Ouija (pronounced 'wE-ja) after the Egyptian word for good luck. Ouija is not really Egyptian for good luck, but since the board reportedly told him it was during a session, the name stuck.*

Kennard lost his company and it was taken over by his former foreman, William Fuld, in 1892.

One of William Fuld's first public relations gimmicks, as master of his new company, was to reinvent the history of the Ouija board. He said that he himself had invented the board and that the name Ouija was a fusion of the French word "oui" for yes, and the German "ja" for yes.*

Although Ouija boards are usually sold in the novelty or game section of stores, many people swear that there is something occult about them. For example, Susy Smith inConfessions of a Psychic (1971) claims that using a Ouija board caused her to become mentally disturbed. InThirty Years Among the Dead (1924), American psychiatrist Dr. Carl Wickland claims that using the Ouija board "resulted in such wild insanity that commitment to asylums was necessitated." Is this what happens when amateurs try to dabble in the occult? Maybe, if they are suggestible, not very skeptical, and a bit disturbed to begin with. However, even very intelligent people who have not gone insane are impressed by Ouija board sessions. They find it difficult to explain the "communication" as the ideomotor effect reflecting unconscious thoughts. One reason they find such an explanation difficult to accept is that the "communications" are sometimes very vile and unpleasant. It is more psychologically pleasing to attribute vile pronouncements to evil spirits than to admit that one among you is harboring vile thoughts. Also, some of the "communications" express fears rather than wishes, such as the fear of death, and such notions can have a very visible and significant effect on some people.

Observing powerful messages and the powerful effect of messages on impressionable people can be impressive. Yet, as experiences with facilitated communication have shown, decent people often harbor indecent thoughts of which they are unaware. The fact that a person takes a "communication" seriously enough to have it significantly interfere with the enjoyment of life might be a sufficient reason for avoiding the Ouija board, but it is hardly a sufficient reason for concluding that the messages issue from anything but our own minds.

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Re: Making a pact
Post # 3
ok sorry . but im learning ...
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