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Meditation Study

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Meditation Study
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A Personal Note
I have been a practising Buddhist for the past 8 years now and I can honestly say what a rewarding and life changing experience it has been, I am currently at university and consider myself to be a student of life in general, so learning from others is my primary objective here. Although my beliefs are central to Buddhism, I consider myself to be a bit of a pantheon in the sense that I believe all of us are on different paths, but none the less connected by the same divine energy.
A warm hello to everyone I am Eternal Seed! I'm very much a family man, have a great bunch of friends and a blessed life and love to make people feel good, as I view other peoples happiness to be equally as important as my own. Each one of us holds a unique and intrinsic value which all of us should never forget. Love is the answer that binds us all.


Buddhism & Meditation Classes
To all prospective student's wishing to study and learn Buddhism and meditation, please read the categories below as to which you feel you are ready to learn. When you know which level you are comfortable with, please send me an email and I will reply with the syllabus and topics you will be studying.

Topics of Buddhism and Meditation that I teach include;

  • Beginners Level (covers basic meditation posture, breathing techniques and concentration training).
  • Intermediate level meditation (covers the stages of the path to enlightenment from a Sutra perspective, half lotus posture and some general understanding of the inner workings of the mind together with the prayers or pujas to praise the Buddha's)
  • Advanced Level (covers the mahamudra meditations for dissolving the three types of mind, gross, subtle and very subtle and full lotus posture meditation position, divination rituals)
  • Master's Level (covers the stages of the path to enlightenment from a Trantric perspective;
  • NOTICE this is only for people who have received a tanric empowerment) All prospective students who wish to study with me, please send me an email with the level of practise you wish to study at, together with your full spiritual/religious background.

    My classes are not fixed or set in stone, I can tailor your learning so it fits you best. However the only thing that I ask is your commitment which you need to agree to prior to studying as my student, so if we make an arrangement to learn together say 1 day per week for 1 hour, it must be kept to, failure to do so will result in discontinuation of my teaching. However I can also be flexible in the sense that we do not necessarily have to be online at the same times, again I can tailor your learning so it fits your needs best.

    My study parameters can vary, sometimes I can teach group clasess or offer 1-2-1 independant study for a more personalised sylybus depending on your study needs, sometimes I may recomend books to you that come directly from my tradition, but you may also use whatever matirials and resources you feel are going to help you in your learning. Again your learning is up to you, so please feel free to specify in your application what level you feel comfortable to begin with.


    Online Schedule

    I have a very busy schedule at university, but I have set times for when I am online to dedicate my time to this site and my coven. Please see below for my online hours during the week. I may not reply to messages straight away but please bear with me or come online at the scheduled time.

    (Uk GMT)

    Monday - Friday 5pm - 9pm

    Saturday - 9am - 9pm

    Sunday - Day off

    (NOTE : These times do not mean I will be on for the entire duration, but a window of time that I will most likely log in at.)

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