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How do I "feel" or "see"?

Forums ► Astral Projection ► How do I "feel" or "see"?
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How do I "feel" or "see"?
Post # 1
I use the "Sphere of Light" method to get to the vibrational state, and from there I'm supposed to get out of my body. How do I do this? I can never "Feel" my 2nd arms or legs, and how will I "see" if I succeed to exit my body?
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Re: How do I "feel" or "see"?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Try not to interpret it as your second pair of arms or legs. Just focus on getting up with your mind.

If you've managed to get up and you are not sure if u are in astral or not (sometimes it feels so real you cant tell until you've tested it)...try touching a wall....if your hand goes through it....you are in astral. Some people can see their body lying there but not everyone can.

If this method does not get you into astral, you can try becoming conscious when you dream. Dreams are in astral so it is just a matter of becoming conscious there. If you want to try this, before you go to sleep, remember to tell yourself that when the dreaming starts, you are awake....and hopefully when you do start to dream, you will recall this and wake up within your dream.
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Re: How do I "feel" or "see"?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
My mother taught me that I was to merely think myself to the other side of the room. And from there, without opening my eyes, feel the floor with my feet, then stomp them gently, touch my face, clap my hands, and so on, slowly. Key is SLOWLY. If you can't feel the floor, keep going deeper until you can. Remember there are many stages of meditation and trance. You just may not be deep enough. Honestly, sight just pops up for me. I never "open my eyes" when I project. My husband freaked out the first time he saw the ceiling with his eyes still closed lol. Ah, the teenage years were fun.

Fears and insecurities prevent many people from being capable of projection. The feeling of letting go of one's body can be scary. If you have difficulty with this, I suggest learning to lucid dream first. And then work your way through the altered states of consciousness on the side.

Why? Because lucid dreaming is consciously exploring inward (microcosm) unless you experience a lot of OBEs and projection is consciously exploring outward (macrocosm). You're traveling either way, and it feels very similar. Lucid OBE's during sleep feel absolutely identical, really they are identical. The only difference is if you are not fully lucid (able to control yourself), you'll just be along for the ride. Where as projection allows you to go where you desire and control yourself 100%.

If you don't know what any of this means. You better go do some more research because you should understand what you are attempting to experience.
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