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Hi I will write in this article about "how to do altars for Aphrodite,Hera,Hecate and Apollo (deities which I worship).This is how I do altars for them,you can have different methods.

For Aphrodite

You need:

-A table

-Statue of Aphrodite

-Symbols of Aphrodite (roses,seashells)

-Red candles and pink candles

-Incense of Love (fire of love powder is good)


On a table put the statue of Aphrodite in middle of it.Around Her you can put candles and incense.
Next to the candles you can put roses,seashells,apples etc.

For Hera

-A table

-Statue of Hera

-A wing of peacock

-Some incense of love are good at Her altar,too.Why?Because She bring peace and love in marriage.

-Candles (red and purple)

On a table,put the statue of Hera in middle of the table.In front of Her put the wing of peacock.
Around Her statue you can put candles and incense

For Hecate

Altar where I do spells,rituals for Hecate.Why I do that?Because She is a goddess of witchcraft,and I think an altar like that can honor Her.I just put her statue in middle of altar and around her honey and meat.Other objects on altar are for my magical work.

For Apollo

-Statue of Apollo

-Gold candles and green candles

-A music book

-Healing herbs and healing incense

-Some jewelries

I put the statue of Apollo in middle of the table.Around it golden candles,in corner of table a music book,around the candles healing herbs and incense.Jewelries around healing herbs.

Basic questions about altars dedicated to a deity or more:

1)How an altar can help me in my relationship with a deity?

An altar can improve your relationship with a deity.

2)What I can do at altar?

At an altar you can give offerings,say prayers,do spells or rituals in honor of deity (for example at Apollo's altar you can do healing spells)

3)Where I must put the altar?

It's not very important,but remember an altar is very special for you and for deity.You must take care of it.

4)Only at altars I can give offerings,do rituals and spells in honor of deity?

Of course not,but is better to give offerings at altar.Remember is not very necessary to have an altar for a relationship with a deity.You can worship one without an altar.
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Re: Altars
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Good post, I was asking myself a question earlier, on how I can make an altar, and where? I knew the answer would come, but thanks a lot! This helped me out, since I just ,moved, and I need a new place for my altar. Also Thanks. For Hera I suggest putting a symbol like a ring on there song she is a goddess of Marriage, and other's. Also for Apollo try teas for that can be a herbal remedy, as well as stones (healing)

Thanks overall! Good post!
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Re: Altars
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Where did you get this info, hun?

All those things aren't entirely required for altars to the Olympians. Statues of the Gods are expensive to get, and mostly are sold online, or if you're lucky, your local occult store. A simple picture frame of the certain God/dess you're wanting to work with will do just as fine.

Objects that personally resemble the deity is more important than what you think it would resemble. Be sure about what you want on the altar, not what you think should go there.

It really doesn't matter what kind of objects you have. You can have something as simple as a printed picture from the internet and a candle. That itself is an altar.

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Re: Altars
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I really don't take this informations from a site...
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