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To Dye For

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To Dye For
Post # 1

Hair Magic

"Hair magic", something I stumbled upon and is purely theoretical at this point, as least, in my experience. This post is intended only to be thought-provoking, but I'd love to hear feedback. As haircuts seem to be a common practice, I'd love to hear from a few of you.

Throughout different cultures hair has taken on some spiritual signifigance. In some cultures, the length of hair can represent wisdom and knowledge, in others white hair is connetion to the spirits, and still in others shaving of the hair is symbolic of new beginnings and rebirths. How can a (Insert Magical Practitioner Label) use hair, to help themselves? Shaving your head isn't always practical, or desireable. Dying and cutting your hair could be something you have to see everyday and should be practical for your lifestyle. I suggest incorporating a few of these techniques:

Washing, Imbuing, and Dying

In this theory, one will use washes, which are used to cleanse, then a wash for a specific intent, and then dying hair to lock in the intent. Highlights can be used for subtelty or a single 'hidden streak' in the back for professionals, or if you wish, you may do full head dye with vibrant neon. The following is an example for protection is as follows:

  • Cleanse hair in any wash (Or even just plain/stream water) intended for cleansing. In the case of protection, you may wish to add a banishing agent to the mix because you will want to banish any negative influences that may be a little more persistant, if you know what I mean.
  • This part can be as simple or ritualistic as you like. You can dye the water ( NOT THE HAIR ) red or add powders such as cinnamon. In this particular example cinnamon is being used for its heating properties. Be careful what materials you use and how often you do this as hair can be sensitive to harsher materials and proper dilution is always a good idea.
  • Now, the fun part. You are going to dye your hair! This will lock in the effects for a long period of time and allow you to be reminded of your protection. You can do a hidden stripe in the back, for those who need to look professional or all the hair a vibrant red for a great visual stimulantion.
  • Tips:

  • You can dye as much or as little as youd like do whats practical for you!
  • You can keep some of the secondary water as a perfume for protection, especially when you are going into less than safe situations or are around people who seek to jinx or cross you.
  • Be careful and spot test anything you arent sure of, as close and as discretely as you can get to the scalp would probably be best.
  • Cutting:

    Now, you dont have to shave your head for a new beginning, though you are certainly welcome to. You can cut your hair to any affect that you interpret it as having, this is something you could be seeing for a long time, so dont do anything you might regret.

  • To refocus yourself and 'cut' away at the things you are wasting time and energy on, get a nice trim and clip away the dead ends.
  • To gain new perspective, cut your hair in such a way that it alters which eye(s) you can see out of. If you normally get a haircut so you cant see out of the left eye, get it cut so you can see out of both or the right one.
  • Note : These are just examples, there are any number of ways to go about this, get creative!

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    Re: To Dye For
    Post # 2
    i love this! when i take any kind of cleanse wash or the like i braid up my rat tail before i dry off to keep some of it it.

    i have to try this with it next time i get a chance
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