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Hunting/the Fox&the Hound

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Hunting/the Fox&the Hound
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Hunting/the Fox&the Hound
Post # 1
So, in my art class, we were (sort of) watching the Fox and the Hound. Then I had a thought... Well, more like an image if me hunting, about to pull the trigger, when the animal I was about to kill looked straight at me, as if it was trying to make eye contact, despite my being hidden. I put the gun down and that was the end of it. I was wondering if this could actually happen to me or if it's happened to other people. Just the experience of going out hunting and then being able to see the intelligence of your prey, into their soul. What would that do to a person? What has it done to people already? I'm just asking for comments, stories, and experiences to be shared. Thank you.
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Re: Hunting/the Fox&the Hound
By: / Novice
Post # 2
love Fox and the Hound. [the Disney movie is nothing like the book mind you]

probably just your imagination unless you or a close friend/family hunts regularly. i don't hunt, but i know many people that do, and haven't heard a story of them catching the animals glance and walking away... unless it was a bear or something. i've bumped into my share of animals when i was walking through the woods [on both sides of my family we own almost 200 acres of forest] i've had stare downs with bears, deer, chipmunks, mice, hawks, eagles, beavers, muskrats,rabbits, mink, weezles, groundhogs, wolves, foxes, coyote, and so on [except a moose, never seen one, but those animals are furry tanks]

its the initial 'holy crap a human!' and 'holy crap an animal!' that causes the stare. depending on the animal you can speak calmly and keep walking [like a rabbit or a bird] slightly larger animals [like a fox] i tend to say hi, and try to walk around keeping as much distance as possible. bears on the other hand, stop, and feel the situation. i have never been charged by a bear, but i've only seen them in the summer, not around their hibernation period [which i would probably get up the nearest tree if that was the case.] they are relatively calm in the summer. stand still, 3 of the four times they looked up at me, then head down and kept walking. once when i was 10 or 11 i was with my dog, who saw it first, it was rather young and i was a kid, so i was scared, then my dog started barking, the bear cried out, and the three of us ran away from each other. one other time the bear stood in the middle of the path [i guess there was food or something] so i just backed away slowly. you just need to keep calm and understand the situation. animals can be unpredictable at times, but most of the time, be calm, go slow, and making noise, is all that needs to be done. if the bear charged i would of made noise, but otherwise, keep quiet.

if you wish to take your daydream as an omen you can, but it was probably just something brought on by the movie.
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Re: Hunting/the Fox&the Hound
Post # 3
I don't think it was an omen, I think it was more of just a thought.
And I didn't know the fox and the hound was a book...
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