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More of these dreams.

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► More of these dreams.
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More of these dreams.
Post # 1
So i've been trying to practice astral projection. I've been capable of remember my dreams now. My dreams are very vivid. They are very realistic too. But they still feel like...dreams.
However, last night, i was in the middle of these weird dreams, and suddenly i was walking in a beautiful quiet place. there were strips of housing, some small some big. I was following someone in front of me, but i couldn't see them. They were a blur. Then i was able to ask questions! That was the first time ever i was able to do that in my dream!
Me: Where are we going?
Them: Somewhere
Me:Why are we walking slow?"
Them:This is an important step. Right here, right now.
Right here right now, was a method i was working on, where i focus on whats happening at that moment. It made the whole scene last longer too. We got to this house, it was beige and brown. it had an awning on the front window.
Them:Go inside.
I went, and i was greeted by a happy german shepherd puppy, and a lady i never met cooking something weird.
Lady: Hey Hannah, glad to finally meet you. Your dog is on the couch, have a seat.
I saw my dog, Trudy, sitting on the couch. This was another thing. She's been in these dreams as well. None of my other pets. She's been following me and helping me here and there. I sat next to her and she snuggled behind me and laid down. The German walked to me.
Shepherd: He's right, you are beautiful.
I had to double check to see if i was dreaming in a dream. This was how real it felt. I was literally very aware.
Lady:Here he comes!
This guy, with black long hair, walks in. But he's covering his face. His jacket stuck out too. This jacket was a leather red jacket. And it matched nothing in the scene. He was acting shy which i didn't understand. And he had a nice body.
At this point, i couldn't tell if he walking away or i was fading away, because my vision was getting smaller and smaller. Until i woke up.
Then i had to write all of it down on paper. Thing is, there's more to this dream, but that one i had full control in.
So...any ideas on what just happened? I know it could be a projection, but whats with the people?
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Re: More of these dreams.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It could be anything. Only time will tell, time and more experience--so it's very good that you're keeping a record of it!

Dream world's a crazy place. I remember asking one dream character, "What time is it?" (We were on the roof of a factory) and he pointed to one of the silos and answered, "More than they make in there." At which I was like, uhh...what?

Congratulations on your growing lucidity : )
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Re: More of these dreams.
Post # 3
You may have been in the Akasha records. However what did it look like? How did it feel? You may be given a sign, watch carefully.
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Re: More of these dreams.
Post # 4
Lol, awesome! Lucid Dreaming!
And what it looked like, thought there was a strip of housing, there was no road, well there was but not one you drive on. And the sky was orange, but lit up like it was still the middle of the day.
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