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La Santa Muerte (fixed)
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La Santisima Muerte (the most holy death)

mods, I fixed it! I sincerely apologize, this is my knowledge on her and my own personal experience, if you are interested in her this should give you a start.

Hey all, thought I would make a thread on mi madrina (my godmother)

First off, Who is La Santisima Muerte?

she is a belief that has originated in Mexico, she is recognized as a folk saint, nobody really knows her where or how she came up. Santa can either mean holy or saint and santisima means most holy muerte meaning death.

La santa muerte is not a canonized saint, she is a folk saint meaning she is not formally recognized by the church. She can be approached for pretty much anything, money problems to courts to cursing to healing, she is very versatile and is great at pretty much everything.

La Santisima Muerte has three traditional robe colours that she wears. White (La Nina Blanca), Red (La Nina Roja), and Black (La Nina Negra), I do not know where the other colored robes came from but from my experience she does not really like them, I have also heard the same from some other friends who are devotees. The following are what is believed by people, there are many other myths about her origins but these are the ones I will include.

La Nia Blanca was born the moment Life was. She is the eldest and sits beside God in Heaven. She can help in any thing wherein the natural order has been broken. She can break any magical working, cleanse you of negativity, and effect powerful cures of diseases. La Blanca must be covered in workings with La Negra.

La nina Roja is the red robe, She is commonly thought to be a love sorceress. While she may work somewhat in that capacity, her office is in material desires in general as her robe is the color of blood, therefore the color of the living. She concerns herself with your terrestrial desires. Money, luck, courts, jobs, justice, etc. are under her power.

What I want discuss particularly in relation to La Roja is her function as a love sorceress. La Roja is also one of the "hot aspects". La Blanca is cool, but La Roja is a burning fire. She is very capable of burning through anything that stands in your way. So be careful with her lest ye be burned, she was born at the time of the first humans.

La Nina Negra is the black robe, is the most viscous and wild. She was born when Cain murdered Abel. Her offices are similar to La Blanca, she can protect from and break witchcraft. But, she can also crush enemies. La Negra's work must not be witnessed by La, Blanca. For she alone goes down into hell and recruits the most vile of demons to do her dirty work. She will destroy those who've harmed you if you ask her, and she gives them exactly what they deserve. And if that be death, they will get death. Before one works with La Negra, they should have an Amparo with St Michael or St Cyprian in place and take cleansing baths afterwards to protect oneself from her corrosive presence.

The Opening Prayers

These are used before any working or service to open the session and get her attention:

1 Our Father

3 Hail Marys

1 Glory Be

Prayer to St Michael


Almighty God, before your Divine Presence, (sign of the cross) in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I ask permission to invoke the Santisima Muerte. Holy and Powerful Mother, at this moment I beg for your presence and intervention. Through the great power, which God has given you, I beg of you to hear my prayers and grant me all the favors I ask of you until the last day, hour, and moment when the Divine Majesty shall call me before his presence. Santisima Muerte, beloved of my heart, do not abandon me without your protection. (Sign of the cross) In the name of the Father, the Son ,and the Holy Spirit. Amen, when you wish to close the session, say three our fathers.

You CAN work with her without devotion, I do not suggest devoting to any being/spirit unless you have been working or venerating them for a very long time as it is pretty serious.


You can start With a statue of La Blanca, then Roja, then Negra. The statues should be of a size that they will easily fit on her altar, it can even be a framed picture of the colored robe instead of a statue. before using them, you baptize them. This is so that La Santisima places her spirit within them, I have a buddy who is just egtting started with her and he just put up a framed picture of her, prays to her and leaves offerings, no baptism. Anyways, you baptise the statue by mixing catholic holy water, regular water, and her favorite perfume siete macho. Clean the statue and dry it off. Then lean it over the bowl backwards and pour some water over her head, saying In the name of the father, the son, and holy spirit, Amen.

If you smoke you may blow smoke over it and afterwards Pray for her to inhabit the statue and receive your devotion. Do NOT rush with the robes, start out with white and go slow, she is not one to rush with as you WILL get burnt. Especially if you do not know what you are doing or have no prior experience or relationship with her, her black statue is normally used by people trained to handle her and her power.

The Altar

From here la santa muerte will be able to manifest in your life, it must be permanent and not without offerings and water (at least if you are devoted to her), this should be away from other alters you have, she does not like to be around other spirits or sharing altar space with anyone besides st michael or cyprian, I have even been told by a devotee that she wanted cyprian in a different place across the room. The altar should be at least waist height, I put the virgin of Guadalupe on the far left and St. Michael on the far right of my altar. When moving homes, I have told her before hand and invoked her, asked her to remove her presence from the statues and I wrapped them up and boxed them, she was fine with it. Upon the altar you will place the statues of the robes, perhaps a vase of flowers, a glass of water, the Amparo, a plate of food (bread, sweets, and fruit), and an ash tray. Before you do this, you must consecrate it:

Wash it with the same water used in her baptism. Dry it off. Take some white copal incense and burn it (if you have it, I didnt have it when I began working with her so I just used myrrh or frankincense, she seems fine with it. Waft the smoke around the altar praying for La Santisima Muerte to purify and bless it. Complete the consecration by placing the statue upon it, anointing with siete machos perfume, and burning down a candle in her honor.

The Amparo

This is such an important tool for people who wish to work with la Santa Muerte, especially if they work magic with her. It is to be lit whenever you are doing trabajos or workings with her, or the red or black robes are your dominant. As you get more acquainted for her the amparo can be reserved for the red and then you can eventually save it only for the black, although it must always be lit when doing magic with her, at least for the red and black. The Amparo is a protective pact made with St Michael or St Cyprian, they are called upon to keep you safe from her fiery nature and the death essence she carries around. To create this, you will need a red candle (for St Michael) or a purple candle for St, Cyprian, I prefer to use glass encased 7 day candles as they last longer and you can normally find a St. Michael candle at any grocery store here in the US at least. Get two prayer cards of the saint that you wish to create the amparo with. Place them back to back with the images of the saint facing out. Tape three sides together. In between, slip in some hair through the fourth opening then tape that up. Place the candle on top on the altar. You work it by lighting it after the recitation of St Michael's prayer during the opening prayers. You could also say 1 our father, 3 hail marys, 1 glory be and invocation of michael and leave him offerings and ask for his protection during your work with la santisima muerte, I did this because I feel like he is involved rather than me just putting some things together, and of course, close with three our fathers.

Devotional Service

The devotional service is held by devotees every 7-14 days, just depends on what you can do, what you want to do, what she is fine with etc. How I begin is by saying the opening prayers (1 our father, 3 hail marys, 1 glory be, prayer to St. Michael and the invocation) then I light the candles on her altar and give her new offerings, switch out water and just speak to her. If you smoke, a great time to do so is during the devotional because she loves tobacco, I normally will blow it on her statue or over any image you have of her. Then I close with 3 our fathers.

Feast Days

She does not have any formal feast days but I normally celebrate her on the Dia de los Muertos, I have heard of others doing the same on good friday.

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Re: La Santa Muerte (fixed)
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I have studied on Santa Muerte and what I have learned is she is a modern figure of the Aztex ( Mexican ) Goddess of the Dead :D Some also say she is the Dead Vergin Marry. and others say she is the Death Jesus Denied ( However that is mostly said by the ones who think of her as pure Evil) . Which she is not.
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