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Completely fake spells...

Forums ► Comments ► Completely fake spells...
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Completely fake spells...
Post # 1
Why, do you let fake spells exist on that website? Why don't you delete them? It's very annoying to want to do a spell which you think it's true and then you learn that is fake!!! A lot of people say: "I will be a vampire, a mermaid I can transport in a mythical creature..." Why, do you let this happens? We are so excited about magic, but we waist our time trying to do fake spells and we are disappointed because we don't know if there are real spells and which they are!!! Why don't you fix this???

Re: Completely fake spells...
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

There a literally hundreds of people that come onto this site that are beginners, they join "Spell Casters" coven, and they post a whole bunch of spells on this site, spells they believe to be true. Pet doesn't who time to look through every spell to choose which ones are fake or which ones are real.

So he created the "Fantasy" section.

Re: Completely fake spells...
Post # 3
Another issue with this is that the only way Pet could discern if a spell works is to actually perform the spell himself. That is impossible as there are hundreds here. Even then, it would be based on him as an individual. And his results would reflect the same. I am new to this site and I have not tried any of the spells on here nor do I plan to use them or add any. However, from what I have learned in my practices as a solitary witch is that it is best to learn to write your own spells. As another member said in the chat when we were discussing this, it is best to learn what a spell is and then you will have some kind of idea how you should construct your own. I write my own spells when I do use them because I tend to look at spell casting and rituals as sort of personal and private. However, if you really would like to learn to write your own spells, this may work for you. Go to YouTube and type in "How to write my own spells",or google it and you should be able to pick up some pointers. Hopefully, this will at least get you going in the right direction. One of my favorite YouTubers and Bloggers is Sy Calaelen. She has been practicing witchcraft since the age of 11 and is 26 and a Thelemite. Very knowledgeable source. She also has a blog Sy Calaelen @ Wordpress.com and it is packed with information. Anyway, I'm sorry that this is happening to you and I do hope that you will eventually attain the knowledge that you seek. I wish you Light and Love.

Re: Completely fake spells...
Post # 4
Spells cannot be deleted from the members or the moderators that create them. Whether I be a fake and/or fluffy spell, you can't delete it regardless of what you try to do. These spells have been collected ever since the site was made. They'll stick around for a long time. Unfortunately, they aren't going anywhere.

Re: Completely fake spells...
Post # 5
As an add on,in regards to writing your own spells, I just did a bit of sleuthing around the site and in the Interactive FAQ's section question #220 is "How do I write my own spells, and how do I know if they worked effectively?" You may find the information there helpful.

Re: Completely fake spells...
Post # 6
I agree that their are some fluffy spells and things in this site but I also was told that spells are only as strong as the person casting it and the mind set of the persons spell when it has been casted as well. Also there are many differant spells and many differant levels of people that are practicing on the site. For instance if someone cast an abundance spell for somene that has been practicing for ten uears it may work a little better then me casting it when I have been practicing for nine and a half months.it just depends. The spell and the persons energy. I do definatly hear what you are saying though I have seen some spells on here that I have kind of giggled at when I saw them. Good luck to you and blessed be

Re: Completely fake spells...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
It is not impossible to tell if a spell will work unless you try it. Common sense, reasonable expectations, and some attempt at knowledge before practice go a long way.

Beyond this, others have described aptly why there are so many spells. Efforts are made to edit and delete as possible, but as suggested when so many individuals, as young as 13, join and decide that with their vast array of knowledge that they should add spells for the masses. Beyond that, the practice of magic has always attracted those who were not overburdened with sanity. They contribute as well.

The strength/belief of an individual working a spell may well have something to do with the impact of the spell, but that does not mean that a strong individual believing in idiocy can make idiocy come true.

As always, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. We play babysitter enough. Please do not play with matches, and please do not contribute and/or whine about the existing nonsense.

Re: Completely fake spells...
Post # 8
I have also come across some members that are younger than the minimum age limit specified; some ten years old at the youngest, they just lied about their age when registering their membership. Most of the younger ones minds' are crammed with fantasy bogus, thus the major amount of fluffiness, but I can't say I can blame them, with all of the ridiculous (and sometimes offensive) nonsense they are exposed to from TV and other sources in their upbringing (and sometimes, it isn't even just the younger ones!)

Everyone has a "fluffy" stage (unfortunately, I know I had mine, but luckily I became more educated and out grew it quickly), so they will stick with what they believe is true.

Until they mature and learn to recognize what "is" and "isn't", we must learn to have patience with them and help point them in the right direction. Just always remember the saying: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink"-- which means you can give them resources and tools to acquire the accurate information for them to grow, but you can't force them to learn unless they want to.

Anyway, the most guarantee way to make sure a spell can work, is by making your own. There are many resources on this site explaining the process, which I also found very helpful when I first started out.

Using common sense, if the spell seems far fetched or too good to be true, rating them low will bring down the popularity and it will help others recognize which ones are worth looking at or not (especially under Spell Casters), and it really helps out the site.

I hope that helps a little. Good luck and blessed be!

- Clairy.

Re: Completely fake spells...
Post # 9
I would like to say there are shapeshifters.
I would like to advize those who post spells to test it befor it's posted to make shure it works, so that way everyone is happy.

Re: Completely fake spells...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
No, there are not shapeshifters. Not physically. I would explain, but explanations have been offered numerous times and it is an exhausting and pointless endeavor. Please refrain from such things in the future.

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