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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Afterlife?

Post # 1
Im not sure what to expect from this topic.
I have many ideas on what happens when we die. I feel like a person has the right to live the way they want after death...maybe.
Maybe they go to a new dimension, maybe they reincarnate on a new planet. Im not sure.
I do feel like 3 plays an important role in this topic.
What do you think? What is life after death to you?
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Re: Afterlife?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
You seem to be very young to be bothered about an after life.
So far as witchcraft is concerned,not Wicca,the body,whether buried or cremated, returns to the earth.The chemicals in the body feed the living plants. These then feed the insects,birds, and other wild animals. And so we live again.It is the never-ending cycle of Life.
Burial is very slow. Cremation is much quicker, providing that the ashes are scattered on the earth, and not kept in one of those silly caskets!
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Re: Afterlife?
Post # 3

There are many different versions of the afterlife according to diffrent faiths and practices. In the Hellenistic path, there is the Elysian Fields or the Underworld, which is ruled over by Hades.

In the Heathen path, you would either go to Helheim or Valhalla.

The Christian path, Heaven or Hell.

It depends on how you veiw it as well. I hope that sheds some light.

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Re: Afterlife?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Spiritual Creatures.
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Re: Afterlife?
Post # 5
I believe that the physical body is just a shell housing our energy life force better known as the spirit or astral form. and much like astral protection were we take on this astral form to travel around we also do the same after death in this realm. and after we leave our bodies we then travel the different planes until we reach the plane of carnation...then reincarnate as another physical body...or we can choose to stay and become guides.
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Re: Afterlife?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Of course. It is a matter of belief. And anyone may believe whatever they wish.
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Re: Afterlife?
Post # 7
Hi, how you?

I once told we have three bodies. Soul,spirit and physical.

Other think soul and spirit same, I don't.

When die, soul reincarnates, spirit is energy of earth, physical body is home for soul and spirit.

I also once told Heaven and Hell are part of mind, heaven is place that you love, hell is place or something you fear.
Some people reincarnate because Earth is heaven to them.

My heaven would be dark clouds and lighting and beautiful music and flowers falling. lol

"Hell can be found on Earth, as well Heaven to, but the place you fear most can be your hell, the place you love most is your heaven" W.L
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Re: Afterlife?
Post # 8
So based on what we believe,determines what the afterlife would be like?
What if we want to stay in the afterlife and not get reincarnated?
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Re: Afterlife?
Post # 9
I agree with lover17;) It would be cool if we could reincarnate on another planet and come back as a spirit to tell the living that there is another planet that supports life.
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Re: Afterlife?
Post # 10
This is a bit long, but it is from a vision I had when I was younger (and from a Christian perspective). I would say that to know where we are going, we must know where we came from.

As a teenage boy, one night I sat in my room conversing with the voice of the Lord. I was asking Him questions and He was giving me answers.

At one point, I saw in vision a pool of what looked like water. There, intelligences were moving on the face of the water. They began rising up and conversing. Then, they began to glow so bright it was hard to look upon them any longer. These then helped others out of the pool as well.

It was then explained to me that what looked like water was in fact “the face of the waters” found in the deep; a great pool of intelligences. This pool was where we all came from – we were a part of it. Whether the first to leave were Gods to our God or our Gods alone was not made known to me. What was made known was that our Heavenly Father and Mother left on their own, creating their own spirit bodies, then they created their own bodies of flesh and bone as they have now.

These then helped other intelligences create their own spirit bodes. From there, other noble and great ones we born to their own created spirit bodies. It was also clear that the lower the intelligence, the greater they needed the help in the creation of their own spirit bodies, yet all humans on this Earth created their spirit bodies themselves.

God the Father was self-created. We too are self-created, but only through the help of God the Father and God our Mother.

In my vision ,I saw that all that were intelligences understood, to their capacity, what was happening and rejoiced greatly upon leaving the face of the waters in the deep. They understood that this was the first part in creating eternal physical bodies of flesh and bone.

It should be understood that matter and intelligence are both co-eternal. Neither has beginning nor end. The progress of joining these two co-eternal forces is the point of all existence and the end of the first eternity.

So up next we return to our spirit bodies until we are rejoined with undying bodies of flesh and bone.

Hope that helps.
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