A Great Art of Magic

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A Great Art of Magic
Post # 1

Like I wrote in my profile I love to help the other people. And few minutes ago I recived an odd e-mail from one of users of this website. He asked me if I know any kind of spells or rites which could help him to score better marks in coming school year. So I decided to write him back here with hope that my short article will help understand the real nature of magic of all kinds. I have to mark that I don't send it just to this one folk but to the rest of those like him too. And I don't mean to embarrass anybody too, of course.
I want you to devote a little while for this visualization. Are you ready? Let's just begin.
You find yourself on a wild beach. There is nothing but sand, sea and blue of a sky around you. You're standing in front of an easel with a brush in your hand. Cold gentle wind dabbing your skin, softly. You're smiling. It is a good feeling. You close your eyes and focus only on this feeling. You feel exacly when power slumbering inside your body starts to wakes up. You supplicate a silient prayer to Loa to help you use this power in a good way. When you feel their presence around you, you draw the first brushstroke. There is lightning in the distansce. The sky was cloudless a while ago but now the storm is comming from above the horisont, rapidly. First rushes of wind hits you. It starts raining but you don't care. You draw like crazy, full of euphoria. You're an artist an Loa are your brush mediative between you and the painting. Finally your great art is over. You feel almost like a God. Yo can do everything. One more thunder hits in the ground and than all beach is quiet and still again.
Do you like the feeling? Yes? Don't get use to it.
You're not an artist and Loa are not your brush. They don't mediate between you and the painting. It's you are their intermediary. Without their support your great art would remain just scribbling with your hands.
You're not a god. It's your pride makes you think that way. Get rid of it and accept Loa's gifts with entire love and respect they deserve for.
Magic is not a toy or a kind of entertaiment. You should do it for a reason not for fun or becouse it's an easier way to get what you want. So don't expect from Loa to do anything instead of you. Just as in this case, don't expect from them to learn your the most hated school subject instead of you or make you become better marks from maths without your own hard work. To easy.
Light a candle on your altar and ask Loa to give you more patience, endurance and enthusiasm for comming school year. When you finish don't forget to thank for their help and leave a symbolic offering like cigars, rum or coffee (offering depends on Loa). Let a candle burn out complitely.
I hope that my short article will sober some users up and let them understand the real connection between us and the old gods.

Pease and blessings to you and yours!
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Re: A Great Art of Magic
Post # 2
This looks interesting.
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Re: A Great Art of Magic
Post # 3
what a great post I really love reading it
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Re: A Great Art of Magic
Post # 4
Good read, but painting like that is never that easy. The wind will tip your easel, the tide will wash you away, and the paint is diluted with rain and sea water. The reality to the seance is worse when you think about it...
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Re: A Great Art of Magic
Post # 5
I think the point of it was to imagine and get a good sense of being able to do something so impossible in that state of condition the scenery would be in to which one would feel like a God. At least that's what I took it as.
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