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By: / Beginner
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I'm currently looking at three paths of magick right now to decide between them which I want to follow, Voodoo is among them along with Shamanism and Gypsy Witchcraft. I'm posting forums on each, trying to gather information so I can better decide.

I know a good amount about Voodoo, but I think I need to know a bit more. Before I say anything - I'm not interested in the "dark" parts of voodoo (curses, causing pain to people with poppets, etc), I know that kind of stuff is out there but I also know theres good paths in it as well. I'm very interested in their connection with the dead, contacting them and learning from them - I'm very interested in it because I have a kind of "gift" to be able to see spirits and have had it since I was young. I'm also interested in the channeling/horsing of the spirits, thats another thing I have done for a while. I like their uses of magick jars with herbs, gems, and other objects and their potion and recipes.

The questions I have:
1. What are the basics of Voodoo?
2. Whats the basic history of voodoo?
3. I've heard theres some "dangers" in voodoo, does anyone have any ideas of what they could be?
4. Who do they honor? I know they honor a God known as Bon Dieu, lessers Gods and spirits called "loas" and among other Gods and Goddesses but what do they all stand for/help with?
5. What kinds of magick work do they do?
6. Is there rules or Traditions I should know about?
7. Any tips and Techniques?
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Re: Voodoo?
By: / Novice
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I think you're looking for a more folk magic, rootwork, conjure, hoodoo type of setting, not a Vodou setting. These practices use jar spells, packets, mojo bags, waters, sweeps, and other objects, natural or not, for spiritual purposes.

Vodou is a community Haitian religion, not a magical path. While it is a fairly open practice (based on what you are comparing it to), the one thing it takes more than anything is dedication. The spirits will not always want you for initiation, there are places in the society for the uninitiate. The Loa can even be served at home, but it is a community religion, and certain aspects of the religion will only be found by being apart of that community. And sometimes, initiation is required. Contact a sosyette, a Mambo, or Hougan to learn more about the religion, and how to be involved. One book I've been recommended to a lot, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet, was Maya Deren's Divine Horsemen .

Here is an open Facebook group:


Probe around there a bit, see what's happening.

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