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Constructed Familiar

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► Constructed Familiar
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Constructed Familiar
Post # 1
I'm trying to figure out how possible this is and how well it would work for others. I work with a spirit, we met about two years ago at a local nature reserve while a couple friends of mine and I were there for full moon workings. She was curious about the piece of quartz I had with me from a different forest, right behind my childhood home. At the time she was kind of fuzzy and unformed, as we've worked together she's gotten stronger and more solidly formed. There was a short period during her formation that I felt drained by the energy she was using, but we worked out a way to moderate that until I could set up a place to give her offerings.

The theory that the friends I'd been there with and I have developed regarding her is that she'd more or less been a ride along, a sort of low level energy parasite, at the start but then through interacting with her and giving her attention she formed up and became something more, formed either an ego of her own or strengthened the one that was there for her to have been curious. Essentially the theory is that I attracted one of these parasites, because I was really bad at shielding at the time, and then more or less built a tulpa-like shell around her with her help.

As of right now, she doesn't use me as a direct energy source unless I offer it and she seems to be self directed enough to leave me for periods of time without it harming or effecting either of us seriously. I've had one of the friends I'd been with then attempt to build a similar sort of constructed familiar and he's had success in it though he's more or less trying to prove the theory, so the results can't be taken as proof that it would work every time.

I was hoping to find out if anyone else had done something like this or if anyone would be willing to give it a go to see if it works removed from my group of folks.
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Re: Constructed Familiar
Post # 2
It kind of sounds like your constructing thought forms. They can be quite useful.
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Re: Constructed Familiar
Post # 3
I'm aware of that, one of the ideas behind this was to use the techniques that one would use to create a thought form or a tulpa or a combination of the two in conjunction with a pre-existing and willing "ride along" spirit to make a more powerful familiar. It would be beneficial to both the person doing the work, because they would have a familiar if they didn't already, and to the ride along, because it would have a regular source of energy without the risk of being cleansed away or banished.

We've had a little luck repeating the experiment with a different practitioner and a different ride along. Though because of poor communication on exactly what we wanted him to do, I'm not sure that I can call it a total success. It worked, and he has a constructed familiar now, but he also used several tricks to accelerate it's formation that weren't used in the first go round. While a certain level of that was to be expected just because he's been doing this longer than I have and has more practice with both energy work and building thought constructs, I do not know how it will effect things later on or if it will.
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