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Prayer, and hope.

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Prayer, and hope.
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Prayer, and hope.
Post # 1
I am new to this whole magic thing. But I was wondering a few things before i start. If i talk to higher force I believe, about my hopes and dreams, and i tell them this with all my heart and emotion, will they help me?
Like, lets say i want a lover, and i have hopes on what they look like, and act like. Will the higher force help me find that lover?
Or if im having money problem?
Someone told me that prayer helps the potency of future spells. I dont want to seem like im demanding these things. I want 'them' to know that i am asking them and opening my heart to them.
Sorry if i couldnt word it properly.
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Re: Prayer, and hope.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
A spell is a ritual wish, like a prayer.The difference is that a prayer is asking for help from a higher authority,God,or Saints. A spell is a do-it-yourself operation.
A simple spell would be blowing out the candles on a cake, and then making a silent wish.
But there are also very serious, and complicated spells; and you would need a great deal of knowledge for those!
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Re: Prayer, and hope.
Post # 3
I can only speak from an Abrahamic perspective so here goes.....
You can ask for anything but how you ask makes the difference.
You are more or less like a lawyer in a court and presenting an argument to the judge.
In the case of magic you are using protocol to approach and ask God for favour which he may directly grant or may delegate to an entity such as an archangel who may delegate to an ordinary angel etc.
Magic involves prayer, but it must be correct prayer. Not like at a superbarn church full of people who complain about the seats not being worth the money they tithed for them and bellyaching over the lack of hookups etc. People like this are insincere in their faith and insincere in their prayers and that is what piles on the numbers in measuring failed prayer.
I would recommend a system such as the Shem ha-Mephorash which I use or the Kabbalah (both complement each other) and from there you will get an idea how to approach God and the issue of magic.
You will be judged on your substance over style, be sincere and it should begin to come together.
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Re: Prayer, and hope.
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Yes, but that's kind of what spells are for. With a spell you are putting energy out in the hopes the god/goddess/universe see your efforts and favours you with a special someone crossing your path, or getting a raise at work.

In ritual/circle you are hoping to gain a close bond with the God and Goddess, eventually, many people speak with them in such a way, talking about their desire for something. [Kind of like asking your parents for an advance on your allowance] but while you can, remember they aren't there as a lifeline to better things. Thank them for your blessings, don't pester them with short comings.

If you need things, spells are a better option. All deities have a breaking point, one heart felt plea is fine, if you constantly beg for a new car, lover, raise, house, looks, so on so forth, they will teach you a lesson. Same goes for spells, too many can be a bad thing, but as I've said the Lord and Lady are like our mother and father, treat them with love and the occasional request, not the other way around.
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Re: Prayer, and hope.
Post # 5
Thank you all for the information. I have another question. What would be a good beginners spell practice for me to do?
I have many problems in my life, but i would want to start small, of course, and build my way up.
Any spell will for beginners.
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Re: Prayer, and hope.
Post # 6
When I started Kabbalah the 1st ritual I did was the middle pillar exercise.
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Re: Prayer, and hope.
Post # 7
Can you explain this ritual?
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Re: Prayer, and hope.
Post # 8
This is the 1st Kabbalah thing I did, not to do with magic per se but rather a type of meditation. I basically mixed Kabbalah with a prayer of Abramelin and a slight sprinkling of Rosicrucianism. Amateur yes but I had to do with what I had.

Meditation in the sephira of Daath
Deity name - YHVH Elohim (Yah-Hoh-Voh Eh-Loh-Heem)
Angel name - Shekinah
Time - Tuesday (Mars) and Mercury hour
Tools - 1 white candle, 1 black candle, 2 sticks of sandalwood incense, table and chair

Setup table and chair facing East, have black candle on left hand side of table and white candle directly opposite on the right. Have incense sticks between the candles and closer to the top of the table. Switch off any lights and cover windows, then proceed.

1. Light the white candle and say "Unto light is added light". Then light black candle and incense.
2. Make the sign of the Kabbalistic cross.
3. Do the sign of the Zelator.
4. Silent prayer - Lords' Prayer.
5. Make the sign of the Kabbalistic cross.
6. Say this prayer out aloud....
"Oh high and mighty God. He who is known by many names all of them most Holy. King of Kings and Existance of all Existances have mercy on me. Cast thine eyes upon thy servant (say your name) who invoketh thee most devoutly, and supplicateth thee by thy Holy and tremendous name, Yah-Hoh-Voh Eh-Loh-Heem. For I seek to know about the realm of Daath which is a part of the holy Kabbalah. Oh great God of many names, you are the only one who can answer my questions and understand my quests and know what I seek. I call on you Shekinah, wise and intelligent Angel to aid me in what I search for. Great and Magnificent God, I know I ask for something which is Holy, which is Sacred and which is an absolute privilage to possess and to know of. Oh Lord, let me not anger you with what I ask, for I seek to know the cosmos, nature and to know and understand you, the creator, the ultimate and the absolute. Oh mighty and supreme God, please aid me, protect me, and allow me to understand the Holy Kabbalah and the mysteries of life. I ask this of you Lord. Oh King of Kings. Amen.
7. Sit in chair and begin meditating, close your eyes and breathe deeply and relax. Vibrate the divine names, do this as long as it feels comfortable. Make requests and further prayers if you wish or just express thoughts. Meditate until you think you have achieved what you wished and feel you have done enough.
8. When finished open your eyes slowly, extinguish the black candle and then the white. Relax and take time to reflect and think. Say a prayer if you wish.

So that was my 1st venture into Kabbalah, probably somewhat unorthodox but you can see you can tailor it for yourself. There are variations around but its up to you what you actually want to do, check around and see what you find. My one is not a one size fits all shrink wrapped for all version.
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Re: Prayer, and hope.
By: / Novice
Post # 9
There isn't really a 'beginners spell'. If you understand how spells work, and know the basics of meditation, visualization, and energy work, you could try a spell. I feel candle spells are a good start, but you could use leons, you could make a honey jar, or anything else. So long as you know those four things above you can cast.
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