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Banishing People from you

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Banishing People from you
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Banishing People from you
Post # 1
Hello Everyone;

Lately I've been praying that God will make me so busy, in a good way, until I forget about some people. Such as my Father and his family. I've been the black sheep for so long now until I'm just tired. I'm so ready to forget the pain and madness, is there anything I can do? I wish that I had amnesia or something, to where I could forget that he never exist, because I simply didn't in his world. God knows I loved my Father, but today I do believe he was part of my blockage to receiving my good gifts, because of all of this bitterness and resentment I've been feeling. I'm ready to let go and live, without looking back. I don't want to make anymore phone calls, ask my family how he's been, no more sending Christmas cards, just me reaching out. Not to be cruel about it, I just want to imagine him just gone, dead. Is there such a thing to have this to happen? All responses are welcome, thank you :)

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Re: Banishing People from you
Post # 2
Yes and no. You can pray to God or any other type of deity and it will help, but you have to make steps to separate. I understand how your feeling and have heard this from many before. You need to become involved in other things. I often recommend martial arts as it helps with esteem, but if you like dance, that could be good as well. I'm amusing you don't get out much and it's helpful to do so. The fact that you identify with the need to move on is very helpful and small steps can get you there. After you begin to build a new social structure, you can begin to find solace in them and what you don't have, wont seem as bad. I would be ling if I said it will all go away, I know of no one that has had it all go away, but it does seem to become more manageable and doesn't hurt as much over time.
The below spell seems to work well even for beginners. Good luck, if you wish to talk or learn more, send me an e mail, I'm not out on open forum that often. I think there is another one, I just cant find it now.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Small piece of paper
Dish to put burning paper in
If you want to use elemental candles feel free to surround yourself with them.
Candle color:
( black
( or more white

This is to release anger & pain. Beginners seem to have good luck with it. For a chant use the same candle colors, repeated at least 3 days preferably 5 days in a row at first, then when ever needed. If using as a spell, it will work better if repeated 3-5 days in a row. It can also be combined.

Write on the paper:
Take my anger take my pain, wash away like a gentle rain.
Put my anger into flight, let it go- stay out of sight.
Angers gone so to my pain, born again by this witches flame.

At the bottom of the paper in a circle shape write the runes of your choice or a pentagram. Feel it all draining out of you and going into the flame as your doing this spell.
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