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Strange Occurances

Forums ► General Info ► Strange Occurances
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Strange Occurances
Post # 1
Hi guys! I'm new to the site here and I'm hoping someone has a little insight on my experience:
I've done the honey jar spell (for love) about 3 times. The first time I didn't use a candle and I also became a little paranoid about what I had done so I poured it out about 4 days later, even though I was receiving small signs that it was working.

The second time I did it, after reading about a few interesting ingredients that I wanted to add, I opened it up to add them, and while I had the open jar in my kitchen, the light fixture came crashing down and it scared me to death. I wondered if it was a sign to stop and not add the ingredient or if it was rejected or too strong. I didn't pour it out but I was a little spooked. Oh, and prior to opening the jar, the day I made it, the jar cracked as I was heating it on the stove so I transferred it to another jar and said another prayer. Again I was receiving number signs and everyone who added me on facebook was a Leo like the guy I'm working on. Some people even sharing the same birthday as him.

I started to wonder if I had released his energy from the 2nd jar, explaining the crashing light fixture so I decided to make a 3rd one, but would also keep the 2nd one. I also wanted to do one more because both the 1st and 2nd jar had been made during a Waning moon.

This time I took my time and made the 3rd jar just as I wanted and on a Waxing moon (the new moon that just passed). I lit the candle and let it burn on top and stayed up until 4a.m. because I wanted to watch it burn all the way down but it was taking too long so I smothered the flame and got in bed.

As I rested in bed, about 10 minutes later, I heard something fall on my floor so I jumped up to turn on the lights and saw that my daughter's hair bow (the one with the balls at the end) had fallen to the floor which I found to be very strange. Again I was super spooked and didn't know if that was a sign that my prayer had been accepted or if it was something malevolent. The next morning I broke the candle, put it in a bag and threw it away but kept the jar. Again I received small signs, more facebook friend request from Leos and now I see his birth date everywhere.

Did I do something bad or tap into something negative? I thought the honey jar spell was harmless but seems like something wants to make it's presence known but it scares me. Please let me know if you have experienced anything like this. Sorry for the long rant and thanks!
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Re: Strange Occurances
Post # 2
If I were you I would stop and try something different. It seems to be working but it also seems that it's attracting something else as well. Best wishes:)
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Re: Strange Occurances
Post # 3
Thanks! You're probably right but I don't know any other gentle love spells. I'm really concerned about working with candles, even though that light fixture crashed days before I lit the candle. I hope I'm not just naturally an open portal. A psychic once said she sensed Medium abilities in me.
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Re: Strange Occurances
Post # 4
1. You never, ever, keep the jar from previous workings.

2. What were these "ingredients", that interest you?

3. Practitioners of hoodoo, don't believe in the "3 fold law". If you're going to use a jar spell, you must be committed fully.

You should sit down, and research completely, before attempting any sort of ritual.

In hoodoo, you are asking the spirits for aid, so I'm not surprised of the events you've witnessed.
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