How and why magick works?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> How and why magick works?

How and why magick works?
Post # 1
Guys can you explain my how and why magick works.
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Re: How and why magick works?
Post # 2

Magic tha aims to affect the physical plane directly will most likely not work. An example of this would include transformation and element manipulation spells.

You must believe in a spell strong enough in order for it to work. You must carry out the spells and rituals correctly in order for them to work as well, but if you must substitute an item for something else, it will most likely suffice.

Preparation for casting the spell or ritual by a way other than gathering and setting up supplies may also help greatly. A way to do this is by meditation.

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Re: How and why magick works?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Here is how I believe spells work...

I believe that the Universe vibrates with an energy that is in and all around us. We are all connected through this energy. I personify this energy into various gods and goddesses to help me to better connect to this energy (I am a pantheist). Not only does the Universe itself vibrate with energy, but so does everything within it... black holes, galaxies, stars, planets, rock and stone, even gases, living things (including bacteria, plants, animals, intelligent life...), and even the smallest grain of sand and the atom and all it contains. Everything vibrates with an energy.

Many things in nature carry specific energies that our ancestors (the ancient pagans and indigenous spiritual folk) observed. When we do a spell, we are combining energies (of our tools- which we've infused with specific energies, of the herbs, stones, colours, elements, our own energies, and the pervasive energy of the Universe), raising that energy to a climax, then directing that potential energy and making it kinetic... sending it out with our intent.
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Re: How and why magick works?
Post # 4
The how is much easier to explain then the why. To perform a spell you are building energy to large levels, shaping it by your will and desire, and then releasing it out into the world/universe to accomplish a specific goal. The energy has always behaved in this manner that's what it does since all things are indeed based on energy! You use specific tools ect to attract this energy since the general concenus is that like attracts like! Yes the phisical plane does operate under certain constraints! So (not to down any bodies beliefs! Believe what you want!) it is impossible to change the physical beyond the lines in which it was built! However it is theoretically possible to manipulate the physical as well as the spiritual. As above so below. If you've worked with chakra/ki or healing ect. This is what I'm talking about. Of course this is all just my opinion!
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