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Things to keep in mind before casting a spell
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1) Think clearly about what
you need.
If you need a car, perhaps it would be
best to do a spell that will help you to
bring a car into your life, rather than
asking for a few thousand dollars to come
your way so that you can buy a car. Magic
can work in many ways and you might be
limiting yourself if you donít stay open to
all possibilities! But remember, magic
works best if you really need something,
rather than just desiring it.
2) Set a goal that is clear,
concise and unambiguous.
Focus only upon one work of magic at a
time. For best results, don’t scatter your
power, channel it in one direction.
3) Avoid distractions when
performing your spell.
To be effective in your magic, you must
be fully focussed upon your intentions.
Put time and energy into preparing
yourself and your spell. Find a location
where you can work your spell in private,
without any distractions.
4) Choose the right timing
for your spell.
By choosing particular days, and by
working in harmony with the phases of
the moon, you can enhance the
effectiveness of your spell. The days of the
week and the phases of the moon all have
specific energies associated with them,
and by knowing the right time for your
spell, you can give it greater power.
Working magic is like swimming in the
ocean, you are going to get to your
destination quicker and easier if the
currents and tides are moving in the
direction you are wanting to go. You can
still get there even if everything is going
against you, but it will not be as easy to
achieve your goal.
5) Use appropriate symbols
for your spell.
When doing the spell, have appropriate
music, incense, colours, objects and tools
around you to reinforce the message of
the spell to your subconscious.
6) Set a time for a result.
Include in your spell an indication of
when you would like to see a result. If
your spell is for greater prosperity,
include a date for when you would like to
see that extra cash in your wallet or
7) Create a simple rhyme to
use during the spell.
Chanting a few appropriate words that
you have written yourself, will have a
much better effect than reading text from
an ancient spell book. Repeat your
wording lots of times during your spell.
Repetition is the key to sending a message
to your subconscious.
8) Use the “For the good of
all!” clause.
When creating the wording for your spell,
remember to include the phrase, “For the
good of all!” This phrase will help your
spells to enhance your life, without
having your good fortune being at the
expense of another.
Another useful phrase is, “This or
something better now comes to me.”
Often that which you want at this point in
your life may be different to what you
really need, and it’s only when you look
with hindsight from a future point in time
that you can realise this. So, by asking
“for this or something better,” you leave
yourself open to greater possibilities
becoming available to you.
I have heard so many examples of spells
going wrong when the “For the good of
all!” wording is not taken into
consideration. One friend did a spell to
get $1,000 for a holiday, and two weeks
later his house was burgled, and the
insurance reimbursement cheque ended
up being $1,000 exactly. Another person I
know did a spell so that she could have
some time off work, and she promptly
broke her leg, requiring three months off
I have also heard (many times) about
people who do a spell to lose weight, and
they get diarrhoea, or excessive vomiting,
or both. They sure lost weight, but not in
a healthy way. Be careful for what you
wish for, because you may get it!
9) Realise the consequences
of having what you asked
Apart from the examples just given, there
are other consequences to be aware of.
When something comes into your life,
certain responsibilities come along with
it. For example, when doing a spell to get
a car, remember that along with the car
comes registration costs, petrol and repair
bills, perhaps monthly loan repayments,
etc. Are you in a position to handle these?
A Law of Exchange is always at work
when magic is used. Sometimes what you
have wished for seems to come out of
thin air, with little effort on your part,
but often it will arrive from more
mundane sources. For example, it may be
that after doing a spell for a car, you win
$20,000 in the lottery and you can buy it…
Or it may simply be that you are offered
the chance to do extra hours at your
work, or a second job turns up so that
you are then in a financial position to
afford a loan for the dream car.
Are you prepared to give this extra energy
to the universe/gods in exchange for the
items you wished for? Another way in
which money can become available to you
after casting a prosperity spell, is through
being asked if you want to sell something
that is of value to you. Are you willing to
part with that family heirloom if someone
makes an offer out of the blue?
10) Avoid using words that
you don’t understand.
Spell books are great for getting ideas, but
the spell will work better if you put it into
words that are meaningful to you. In the
book “The Key of Solomon the King” there
is a spell for gaining inspiration, and at
one point the spell-caster is supposed to
say the Hebrew words, “Vegale hamicata
umsa terata yeh dah ma baxasoxa un
horah himesere…” But this sort of
wording does nothing to focus awareness
upon the aim of the spell. It is much
better to make something up yourself. For
example, for an “inspiration” spell, you
could scry into a water-filled cauldron
and say the words, “Beneath the stars and
moon so bright, from cauldron deep and
candlelight, the answer that I seek tonight
is now revealed into my sight.”
11) Use positives not
Make sure that the wording of your spell
is phrased in a positive manner. For
example, with a health spell don’t use
wording such as “I don’t want to be sick
anymore.” Your subconscious doesn’t
recognise words like “don’t want”, it can
only focus on words that it can put an
image to, i.e. the word “sick”. Spells are
basically affirmations that include images
or symbols, so while doing a healing spell,
visualise yourself as healthy and turn this
phrase around to something like, “I am
healthy, I am strong – all the day and all
night long!”
12) Be realistic.
Expect miracles, but don’t go overboard!
A love spell will help you to attract
romance into your life, but a love spell to
attract a Hollywood movie star as your
lover is unrealistic. Even Merlin would
have trouble with that one!
13) Raise power for the
spell (if appropriate).
You can raise power to help send your
wishes off into the universe by
drumming, chanting, dancing, or even by
running around your magical circle.
Power raising is like pumping up an air
rifle before aiming and releasing the
energy, so after raising energy, drop to
the ground and visualise your spell as
fully manifest. See it in your mind clearly,
and send this image into the universe
knowing that it has already come true.
Please remember: A magic spell will not
work by simply repeating some words
that you find in a spell book. The magic of
a spell is contained within you – your
needs, your desires, and the energy you
are prepared to put into the working of
the spell. If there is no personal power in
your spell, it is only words.

Sources : Don McLeod
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