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Help: Demonic Dreams

Forums ► General Info ► Help: Demonic Dreams
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Help: Demonic Dreams
Post # 1
I have several dreams containing demons. I have my opinions, but these have went on for years and I'd rather have some insight from others:

1. Myself as a demon, and crucifying myself to the floor.

2. Exorcising demons out of homes, and people while speaking Hebrew.

3. Being attacked by demons, and/or defending people from demons. (Those same people I protect usually end up have some sort of "gift" in real life, which I discover soon after).

4. Meeting "Satan" or a "Dark One" who was in the form of a woman, but I look into her reflection in the mirror and she's a walking corpse. Who was trying to coerce me into giving her a jade key.
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Re: Help: Demonic Dreams
Post # 2

There could be tons of reasons for such dreams. Based on general psychology, I would say the first type is due to recognizing aspects within yourself that you find immoral and are trying to fight. The second most likely comes from a desire to help others rid themselves of "demons" which could be taken in a literal sense, or speak of inner demons. The third relating to fears, current issues with people, or possibly even your own subconscious telling you to look at your life and who you involve in it, as a means of protecting yourself and your beliefs. Not quite sure what to make of the last one.

Remember this is just my views of it based on my teachings and beliefs. I feel that we all have a little bit of "demon" and "angel" within us. Duality is our nature, and we as humans like to label what we see, think, feel, hear etc. as a means of defining and understanding. No one can tell you exactly what this dream means to you. Our minds all work differently, based on our experiences and neurological functions. Hope you find the answers you seek :)


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Re: Help: Demonic Dreams
Post # 3
It is possible that in your dream you are actually searching out people who need your help without realizing it. Do the demons relate in any way to the person's struggles or maybe even their gifts? In my opinion the fact that you are crucifying yourself most likely means that you have come to see your self as a savior for those who are suffering, but it could also mean that you are destroying yourself by putting so much effort into helping these other people rather than yourself. Does any of this sound true? This is very interesting to me, so I look forward to your response. I will help in any way possible and if things start to progress more, I may be able to tell you a few ways you can keep the demons at bay.
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Re: Help: Demonic Dreams
Post # 4
If you feel like you need celestial protection, I have a spell for you. You must imagine three angels flying around you while saying this three times:
Lovely angels hear my plea,
Only three I call to me,
U call for your protective power,
Here and In my needing hour.

I used to have demonic dreams also. You have to take control and say to them that you WILL NOT allow them to take control. Your dreams are yours, not theirs. You must know that your deity is protecting you and that they can no longer harm you. They feed off of fear, so show them none. Show them your strength.
Blessed be, and merry part.
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Re: Help: Demonic Dreams
Post # 5
Thanks guys. In regards to the psychological aspect, I wonder are these my personal problems I am resolving or confronting via dreaming. However the dreams that I do have usually have some sort of relevance in real life (i.e., premonition, others intentions, and abilities).

Each one of these dreams were different in emotions, setting, and "reason" I believe. The first (myself as a demon), I crucified myself to the floor to prevent myself (demon) from getting up, and bind him. It was done with 3 iron nails.

The second has happened on numerous occasions, where I entered homes and removed demons, or I was "taught" in my dreams how to protect homes from demons, and even exorcising demons out of people as I spoke Hebrew from a book. There was no fear because it felt like it was a job to do.

Third, the people I protect I eventually meet in person and they have gifts on different levels. Its not a choice in a dream to protect or fight but feels like its a job of mine as well.

Last, this dream was very weird. Long story short I was in line behind witches who were tryin to be taught and "accepted" when an evil hand drowned everyone but me. I met a teacher who asked me for the key. I declined and ran, and chased by dark men (evil), and someone came to my aid and handed me the jade key. then he defended me against the men. I made it home where the Dark One was and she offered me things/power in exchange for the key but I saw her reflection which was a corpse. I didnt understand this dream until I met someone who did black magic on others and tried to get me to join and (no offense) worship and summon spirits because he needed help. I think the jade key was my gift/ability because this person (reality) always talked about me having something but not being able to control or understand it, so I dont need it. And eventually he turned on me, but somehow he did not succeed with the spells and things he was sending my way.
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Re: Help: Demonic Dreams
Post # 6
As far as protection from demons. I dont think Im personally in harms way, I believe its myself trying to tell me something is going to happen or someone needs help. Whichever the case, I do believe I need to understand what the dreams are to better understand who i am. So thanks for the spell, but Im seeking knowledge.
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