Black Aura?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Black Aura?

Black Aura?
Post # 1
Okay so I was told that I have Black Aura and well I can see Auras so I am sure I do have black Aura, main color being green, a little of yellow and purple, very little white and outermost layer being 'thick' black.

I have got n no.of 'theories' but I would like to know what kind of people generally have black Aura?

Psychic vampires?
Grudge holders?
Near death or seriously ill?
Or demonic in reality?
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Re: Black Aura?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Aura colors don't generally relate to being anything beyond normal. So it won't mean you are a psychic vampire or demonic. It can mean you have some issues that are blocking your aura or causing it to be black in color. I've found that many people who have black auras tend to have some emotional issues that need fixed. One guy I know that has such an aura was abused as a child leaving him emotionally scarred. However, not all black auras will mean this. Its just one thing I've noticed over time in my area. A black aura can also mean several other things though. It really depends on if it is an all over part of your aura or just in sections. To really get into it, you should look into learning more about auras. Its great you can see them, but what good is that if you have no knowledge of what they mean?

A couple of books that could be helpful:
-How to See and Read the Aura by Ted Andrews
-Aura Reading for Beginners by Richard Webster

Go by your local library and see if they have them or other books on auras. Even the smallest libraries generally have something relating to auras. If not, is there a local college? Their library on campus might. Resources are always available. There are also places you can look online but be careful. There is a lot of misinformation on new age and spiritual topics these days.

Here is one link that is very similar to color meanings that are found within the books I own on auras.
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Re: Black Aura?
Post # 3
My aura has been black for most of my life, it doesn't change. It has red swirls throughout it but for the most part it is black. Dealing from my own experiences, people with black auras are a wide range of reasons, the same as mentioned above. Some of us are protectors, we naturally have a shield around us keeping people out, and that shield just so happens to be black. Some people are just dark in personality so it shows of course in aura. Many binders, have black aura as well. Are you looking for clues you are non human because of your aura?
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Re: Black Aura?
Post # 4

How can I tell my aura color? I'm new to this kind of stuff and need a little help

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Re: Black Aura?
Post # 5
In the aoter layer that would be connected to emotions, or something that you have picked up around your lifetime
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Re: Black Aura?
Post # 6

Helen, you could get a picture of your aura taken. They do this at some psychic fairs. Seeing your own aura, in full can be difficult for some. There are many layers to an aura, each relating to different things. IrisMoon mentioned a few books that may help. Personally, I found meditating with celestite or clear quartz to help me. Celestite naturally balances your chakras, while connecting one to the "divine" energies of the universe.

Also, working on your chakras and meditating can help a bit. Eating a healthy well balanced diet also helps, by clearing any blockages or toxic buildup in your pineal gland.


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