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Is it my animal guide??

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► Is it my animal guide??
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Is it my animal guide??
Post # 1
Ok I have no idea where to start with this. But here it goes,I have been practicing and casting more than usual. Not because I have to, but because I want to learn more and feel closer than I am. The more I do the more open I become. With this being said. I keep having dreams with wolves and bears in it. Like the other night, I was at my adopted aunt and uncle's house, live literally with a river on the side of their house. Well anyway, in my dream we are standing outside hanging in the dirt driveway like was have. And I look across the river and there is a wolf, a white wolf, then another comes, then another. (all of them White) then I see a bridge, which in reality is NOT there, one starts to come across, I become nervous, because 1-it's a wolf, and 2-it's a wild wolf. It makes its way to me, I put my hand out, why I don't no, it puts its head against the back of my hand, then licks it, turns and goes back over the bridge with the other two, as they walk away doing circles as they do, they stay white, but start to get a light tan mixture to their fur. I become almost mesmerized by this, then out of no where this huge grizzly bear comes across the bridge at me, not running just coming to me. So I look around for away to get away from it. I see a shed, that is not there in reality, with a tree next to it. I climb the tree, but realize bears can climb trees, so I jump on the roof of shed and start kicking the tree, trying to knock it over so the bear will fall. (I know in reality it would be a fruitless effort, even though it was a small tree). i know the bear never gets me, nut can't remember what happened next. This is not the first time I have had dreams of wolves. Sometimes they aren't so nice but never really hurtful, just scary.
So I was wondering, do you think the wolf could be my Animal Spirit guide or not?
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Re: Is it my animal guide??
Post # 2
Ok I have some knowledge on this as I have experience with it, for starters those wolfs you dream are your or at least one of them is your Spirit Guide(if they appear in positive contest your on right path, if its negative your doing something wrong with possible lasting consequences) so its quite possible with enough work to even get a minor divination from them. While bear is most likely your Guardian Spirit(bears are extremely strong Guardians so its a good thing, and next time you may want to make contact with him it will make your work with magic much safer).
Although it could be other way around but either way you should make contact with both of the spirits(Guide and Guardian), but do be careful.
Oh and before anyone starts with talk about Shaman King, do your bloody research on the subject(animal guide or spirit guide= same stuff different wrapping, plus guardian spirit is completely different entity but it`s related to previous one as both are represented by taking form of an animal in dependence of your personality and spiritual state as well as astrological(I still don`t understand how or why but oh well) and spiritual shifts during ones conception and birth)
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Re: Is it my animal guide??
Post # 3

Meditate on it and come to your own conclusions. Dreams are a way of the subconscious bringing things to the forefront of our minds. Could be you feel a connection to them, could be guides you are not seeing during the day, could be a hint towards something you need to do or see. Regardless of the reason, if you feel it is important I would spend the time discovering what it signifies to you ;)


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Re: Is it my animal guide??
Post # 4
Thank you both, I will kinds figure there was a reason they were there. I will do all kinds of research and try to figure this out. It does make me feel better knowing that they are there to help me. so now I can start to embrace and understand what they are trying to help me with, etc. But Thank you so much for the help. I really am relived.
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