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Vinegar Jar HELP!

Forums ► Vodou ► Vinegar Jar HELP!
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Vinegar Jar HELP!
Post # 1
Situation: I am in a love triangle! Last Thursday, I made a vinegar jar which I thought worked. Hours after making it the guy came to house and told me him and the woman had a huge fight. The next day he returned back to her so I thought. I made a second jar, for another woman who I sensed he would go back to and as I burned black candles on both jars, the jar of the second women almost caught fire. Days later he told me he had been with the second woman hust as I sensed. I now made a third jar with both women inside and I have pictures of them both. WHAT DO I DO WITH THE FIRST TWO JARS?
Additional info: During the night he came to my house, I sent text msgs to one of the girls which caused problems between me and him. I.havent seen him since that night, he stopped answering my calls and refused to speak to me. The two women are no good for him and the one I texted even admitted she's cheating. Did I interfere with the spell by texting her? I also have a sugar jar spell and honey jar spell working. Am I doing too much? PLEASE HELP!!!!
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Re: Vinegar Jar HELP!
Post # 2
Hello, darling! I'm sorry to hear that your life has been so tumultuous.

I'm not going to sit here and go on about how love spells are unethical. The truth is that they are one of the most complicated forms of spells to execute even for very adept magicians who have been practicing for a long time. I'm not calling your skill into question, either.

I found that there isn't anywhere near enough literature (that doesn't come from phony spellcaster sites) about how love spells work and their external manifestations. You might want to read this essay about how love spells work, it'll really help your understanding:


I hope that helps you further insight into your situation.

One of the main problems with your approach is that you aren't focusing on the love that exists between you and your beloved. You are creating discord in his life both overtly and covertly. If you didn't come right out and tell him about the spell (which would be a HUGE, HUGE mistake), he probably senses that your malice is impacting his life in a negative way that doesn't involve your direct action in the physical realm. I'm not trying to shove any morals down your throat. I'm just explaining why your approach was probably ineffective. Thinking about your relationship with him while having the other women even remotely in your thoughts can cause cross-contamination.

If you want the vinegar jar spells to keep on (which they probably are and are probably causing problems in the lives of the women in them that you didn't foresee), bury them in a cemetery. If you go this route, *BE SURE TO LEAVE AN OFFERING, A VERBAL SOLICITATION OF PERMISSION, AND BE SURE TO SAY THANK YOU. In Hoodoo culture, they leave coins as offerings and refer to the practice of getting graveyard dirt as "buying graveyard dirt." Be warned that graveyard dirt is also a powerful blocking agent so use that knowledge however you feel fit. If not, then empty the contents somewhere that is NOT on your property.

HOWEVER, since you've already clearly slung enough spells at this guy and these gals to make them miserable, I think you should now go the sweeter route and do a honey jar or sugar bowl spell in order to "sweeten" your relationship with him as well as highlight your most desirable qualities. Like I said, keep the thoughts entirely revolved around yourself and your beloved.

If your using Aphrodite as the deity to make this spell happen, I recommend researching her host of demideities (known as "erotes") to be more specific about the kind of love you want. For instance, there's Anteros, the god of requited love as well as Hedone/Voluptas, the goddess of pleasure and lust with good consequence. I definitely love Aphrodite and recognize the enormity of Her power, but I've noticed that drawing Her power from more specialized aspects tends to get better and more exact results.

That, or you can stop at this point. I've learned that if you hve to keep slinging love spells at someone in order to maintain something that resembles a connection, then it is a waste of energy and simply isn't worth it.

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Re: Vinegar Jar HELP!
Post # 3
Love triangles are so tricky, aren't they?

First of all, it seems like you're going a little overboard. These vinegar jars don't work overnight. You're getting great movement very quickly, but you need to calm down, breathe, and let them work. My recommendation is to eliminate the more recent jar that you made, and to keep the other ones separate. You're mixing up symbolism in these jars -- the one with the two women inside of the jar is going to cause discord between them, not necessarily your intended.

You really, really seem like you need to relax and just let the magic take its course. Stop creating new items and let the ones you have work their magic. A week isn't enough time for things to properly manifest, so breathe! Calm down.
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Re: Vinegar Jar HELP!
Post # 4
Thank you, for your reply. How did you know, I find it difficult to focus on my beloved and I, without thinking of the other women. Cross contamination could be possible. I will check the link out and consider your input. Thanks again, for your reply.
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Re: Vinegar Jar HELP!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Vodou from Spell Suggestions.
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Re: Vinegar Jar HELP!
Post # 6
My intention of the third jar was to insert the photos of the two women and the guy. I have his photo attached to each women photo. My questions now are shall I, rwmove the photos from the third jar and place them in the other jars made for each woman? Can I dispose of the third jar at a crossroad which is between my home and one of the other women home or a secluded place near her house will be fine? I feel like, I messed up the first two jars then again I am being hasty and I am going overboard.
I will try to allow the jars to manifest and give it time. I also have a sugar jar and a honey jar for me and the guy. Those two women are bad for him and his mother even agree something need to be done to open his eyes. I havent heard from him, but the last time we spoke we argued and I started it. He told me he was sick. Hmmmm... I cant believe I started an arguement with him, but I will take heed to your advice and Relax... Thanks for your reply...
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