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Best Love Spell TESTED?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Best Love Spell TESTED?

Best Love Spell TESTED?
Post # 1
I am looking for a love spell to make my fiance fall back in love with me. I don't care if it bends her free will. I am willing to try anything that works. If you know of a spell that has worked for you please let me know. Thanks a lot.
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Re: Best Love Spell TESTED?
Post # 2
This women cheated on you and if you love her you will not intend to take away her free will. I'm not speaking of morality and true love this true love that. Love spells like that are short lived and if you do that you will be become apart again within a month. What you need to do is discover what about you led her to this (and be honest with yourself) and then you can start from there.
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Re: Best Love Spell TESTED?
Post # 3
Well we dated for about a year and a half and have been separated since late January. I was kind of pushing her away around the middle of February, and that is probably why she cheated. I wasn't 100% in love with her then. I didn't fall in love with her until a few weeks later when we split up and she begged me for another chance the next day. I think you are right about that spell like that only last a little while. I had a spell caster cast a spell like that on her 2 weeks ago. She told me she loved me after I went to visit her. Yesterday I cast a truth spell and found out that night she only loves me as a friend. The good news is the guy she cheated on me with is probably gone for good. Also she told me she feels like she can fall back in love with me in time. So both spells actually worked. The love spell just wore off like you said. I guess I just need to have more patience. It will happen if it is meant to be. Thanks for the advice.
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Re: Best Love Spell TESTED?
Post # 4
WWhat kind of love spell was initially casted?
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Re: Best Love Spell TESTED?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Most on here know One thing about me and that is this. I find it beyond wrong to force anyone to go against their free will.

Think of it this way...Say things were turned around. Meaning you wanted nothing to do with your ex that you only wanted to move on with your life. Ok?

Then your ex thinks well I want you back and I do not care about what you want it is all about what I want. So this means it is perfectly ok for me (the ex) to do whatever I think I must. So I cast a spell on you to force you to come back to me. I make you go against what you and your heart truly want because I only care about what I want. Your now under my spell and there you will stay.
Now tell me How would you know for absolute certainty that the ex is with you because they truly love you or are being forced and blinded because you put your needs above theirs and used magick?
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Re: Best Love Spell TESTED?
Post # 6
I'm going to give you some very good advice that you probably don't want to hear... Cut ties with her and move on. If she cheated on you once, she will do it again. She may cry, tell you it was a mistake, that she thought of you the entire time, that she loves you, etc. It doesn't matter. She cheated on you while you were engaged to be married. Do yourself a favour and move on. It won't be easy, but you'll save yourself a lot of trouble later on.
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Re: Best Love Spell TESTED?
Post # 7
We never split up for one thing. And she already told me she thought she could fall back in love with me. I was just trying to speed things up. Otherwise I would not have done it.
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Re: Best Love Spell TESTED?
Post # 8
She only cheated cause she was looking for happiness. She wasn't happy cause, at the time, I was pushing her away. I was ignoring her phone calls. I didn't spend much time talking to her on Valentines Day, and didn't buy her a birthday present. I wasn't really in love with her at the time. I was ready to walk away. We finally split up for about 24 hours. She called like 100 times asking for another chance. That is when I fell 100% in love with her. Maybe she put a spell on me? If she does move back in with me, we will get married. I don't think she will cheat again. People make mistakes, and in our situation we both made mistakes. Neither of us are ready to give up on each other. people also say once someone cheats they can always cheat again. Well the truth is there are NO guarantees in love. People can be cheated on by someone that has never cheated before. It would not have happened if we were not 10 hours apart. If see does decide to marry me, we will never separate again. If she ever cheats again once we are married I will not give her another chance.
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Re: Best Love Spell TESTED?
Post # 9
So, I'm not the type to give people a morality lesson when they haven't asked for one because I think it's rude, but something you said stuck out. You said you weren't in love with her until a few weeks after you were apart? But you were already engaged? I don't understand -- how could you possibly be engaged to someone that you weren't in love with? I was just confused on that.

Anyhow, "free will" is a joke to me, and there are plenty of things that you can do to encourage your love to grow. But you can't change someone's nature -- if she's inclined to cheat on you, she's going to probably do it again.

Some things you can do: a honey jar with hot ingredients, like cinnamon or ginger, to heat up the love, and a petition for your love to grow stronger.

A lodestone spell in which you name each stone for each party and draw them closer every night alongside some candles and prayer. Eventually, after 3, 7, or 9 days you'll keep them together on your altar until you want to dispose of them. Lodestones are powerful, powerful things.

Buy some sachet powders and spread them around where she lives, making sure she walks through them. Fire of Love, Love Me, or Stay With Me all might work, as well as Follow Me Girl or even, since you're engaged, the marriage ones. Write her nice notes and dress them with those powders, too.

Even just a simple candle spell, grab a 7-day candle, a photo of the two of you, and pray over it daily while it's lit to encourage her to love you, honor you, and stay with you.

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Re: Best Love Spell TESTED?
Post # 10
Thanks I did a binding spell today. I took a picture of us and folded it three times and tied a hemp string around it a few times. Then I dripped pink candle wax all over the front and back. Then said some words I wrote to the effect of binding us and being in love forever. Then I put ii in a glass jar with rosemary and marjoram and buried it in the earth in my backyard. I wanted to use honey but didn't have any on hand. I heard earth spells take longer to manifest, but they are longer lasting. Any insight on this? Has anyone had any success with a spell like this?
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