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Post # 1
Hello everyone, I am at wits end trying to deal with this problem I am having. Last October, a friend and I traveled to Mexico on a joint business/pleasure trip, where we stayed for two weeks. Quite naturally, I wanted to bring back a reminder of my vacation, and scouring through a local flea market I found the perfect thing; a sombrero! At the equivalent of $12 in pesos, I counted out my coins at which point I was given a nearly 50% discount, as the older gentleman running the booth declared that the object was in fact cursed. Naturally, I laughed and shrugged it off as superstition and I was now the proud owner of a sombrero. How wrong I was..

This is where the trouble begins. On an almost nightly basis, an entity projects himself from the mystical bounds of the sombrero and spends the early hours roaming the halls of my condo. At first I didn't mind it, as mariachis accompanied him, and the sound of the ghostly strings lulled me into sleep.

This went on for several weeks until the spirit grew irate and no longer did their sad song fill my condo with the enchanted lullaby. Instead, I found that liberal amounts of hot sauce was seemingly added to my food and drink when I supped at home. This was not exclusive to myself, as guests often thought I was playing a cruel trick on them. Irritated amusement soon transitioned to shouting, arguing, that inevitable left my social standing in tatters.

The hot sauce was just the beginning, as the sound of coyotes filled my nights, prompting angry letters from neighboring units which eventually turned into visits by the police and mounting fines.

I now fear for my life as this.. this THING continues to control my life, and now.. during the deepest, darkest portions of the night, I can hear him whispering to me.. his bristly whiskers brushing against my face as the ghostly apparition hangs over my bed, mere inches above me.. eventually disappearing in a flash of brilliant light, the words 'Gringoooooooo' echoing in his wake..

Is there some sort of spell, or ritual I can utilize to be ride of this creature? Can I break the curse? Please help me, I don't know who else to turn to..

Thank you..
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Post # 2
I'm no expert, but is there athing specific or or unique about the sombrero, I mean that makes it differen from other sombreros, any difference might help pinpoint an ideal of how a cursed may be placed, but like I said, I'm no xpert at all, so I can't help much
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By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Hot sauce from a cursed sombrero? At least it has a sense of humor.

Magical Answer: You have a malicious spirit in the sombrero or you may have a poltergiest. Just wash it with salt water, or burn some sage. You might benefit from throwing it out. Burn sage in the spiritual center of your home in case the spirit decided to move in

Use protection spells on your house.

Construct a protective magical circle, you'll need a necklace on hand

invite a diety you believe would protect you into the circle. Wait until you feel their presence and explain your situation. Ask them to protect you while you communicate iwth the hostile spirit. You'll be able to feel their agreement or refusal. Next invite the spirit into the circle. If they don't come explain why they may wish to communicate or ask your god/goddess to help you fetch them.

Use your necklace to establish communication. Hold one end and let it swing. Swings up and down mean yes, swings side to side mean no. See if you can reach a compromise. If not ask your diety fist for guidence and if that fails ask them to forcefully eject them from your house or our reality it's really your choice.

There are possibly mundane causes and solutions to your problem, but I'd be rude to bring it up

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Post # 4
This is a spell to banish an evil spirit from my book of shadows "ashes to ashes, dust to dust, may the wind blow you, wandering ghost and clear the world of the living, turn you to where you belong, and may you disappear without a trace"
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Post # 5
I am sorry for the slow response. With the help of an old friend and some of the suggestions/help from this thread, I was able to deal with the issue at hand! I greatly appreciate the assistance.
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By: / Novice
Post # 6
Lol hot sauce, well I'm surprised you let it go so far and still did not get rid of it. Throwing it out might not be the greatest idea, but there are some simple things you could do, just focus. For the hat you could try sea salt and water to wash it away, or sage smudge if you don't want to get it wet can do the same thing. Cleanse your whole house with either the sage or salt while thinking or chanting something like 'all that wish me harm be gone' or 'the spirit who haunts me leave now' or something along those lines. Once the condo is cleaned [you should feel calmer or like a weight has been lifted] cast a protection spell to keep it out.
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