honeyjar questons

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honeyjar questons
Post # 1
I want to preface this by stating that I am new to this and while my interest is very high, my knowledge is low. So if what I am asking here seems silly or "common knowledge" that's why. :)

I did a lot of reading and put together a honey jar to rebuild a relationship with a good friend of mine who I love dearly. Everything seems to have gone well. I started it all just after midnight on Friday, did a ritual bath first followed by a honey jar. I used a red fixed candle and let it continue to burn throughout the night and well into the day. I knew the candle would burn out before the end of Friday so I bought more red candles and fixed one to replace the other when it finally burned out. I did that and then a few hours later, I discovered that the candles were not solid red but were white with a red coating! The flame burned brightly though, however not as bright as it did with the solid red one. My first question is, will this candle issue be a problem for my honey jar?

In my readings, I found one very informative site that directed the person to burn the candles on the lid of the honey jar every day for a week and then do it only M, W, and F. In the instructions, I was told to do it only M, W, and F, and I was informed by a friend who practiced hoodoo that Saturdays and Tuesdays are not good for anything related to love or reconciliation. I let the candle (the red-covered white candle) burn out last night (Friday night). I fell asleep reciting my petition to myself so I'm not sure what time it went out. My question is, do I continue to burn the candle today and tomorrow as well, and continue for a week as I read, or should I hold off for the remainder of the weekend until just after midnight early Monday morning and begin burning then (then repeat on Wednesday, next Friday, etc.)?

Thank you in advance for reading all this and I apologize for the length. I wanted to be thorough.
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Re: honeyjar questons
By: / Novice
Post # 2
you did your research and then did the job.

Relax, by all accounts it looks like youre doing fine.

Correspondences for days aren't as important in hoodoo.

You can burn candles your first initial week then 3x per week. Or eschew the candles altogether and just work the jar.

Don't stress and don't obsess. It looks like you put in your time learning, now just let it do its job.

Good Luck!

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Re: honeyjar questons
Post # 3
I started my honey jar last night as well and I have a book on hoodoo and I have talked to a local owner of a supply shop here and it sounds like you are on the right track. But this is also my first honey jar so I will be excited to see how yours works! Good luck
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Re: honeyjar questons
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Keep in mind that it will not fix all your problems. While you are enjoying the break from the stress of friction you are subconciously storing ideas on how to work out future issues within your relationship months down the road when the jar has run its course.
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