how to know curse?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> how to know curse?

how to know curse?
Post # 1
How can we realize that sonebody has cursed you like misfortune curse?

I've been realizing that since 1 year i'm not getting any final result of my any work, like people are approching me for business work or getting job opportunity, people like my work but somehow i'm not getting end results, in my love life, friend relationship also people do like me, want me but due to some reason nobody is with me, some forces or circumtances take them away from me. In the end i'm not getting anything in life.

Please guide me, is this some kind of curse or it just a one of odd phase of life, which i have to tolerate till death, is their any way to move away from such kind of curse?
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Re: how to know curse?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: how to know curse?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Could be any number of things. First off, a curse gains power when you believe in it, even when there is no curse at all your worry could unintentionally curse you. You reap what you sew after all. So I suggest you try and laugh this off to lesson the effects.

People go through ups and downs. [Personally I once went 7 months without a job. I would go to an interview a week normally, sometimes its not the right time.] There's other signs of a curse, such as the energy around you. Do you feel drained, weighed down, tired, sad, worried, nervous? The energy is the biggest change. I felt something once [could of been a curse or negative energy] I felt on edge and the energy around me was very heavy [if that makes sense at all] another sign that you were cursed [because rarely is a random person cursed] if someone [an enemy] is doing great and their good fortune started at the same time of your misfortune, it could mean they cursed you. do not attack them, this is just one of many clues and you shouldn't turn on them because this isn't solid evidence they cursed you. Just as you could be having a rough patch, they could be having a good one.

Either way, you should cleanse and protect yourself. When I thought I could be cursed, I had a cleansing bath of sea salt and lemon juice. Draw a bath [some feel it should be as hot as possible, then place the herbs in and leave it to steep and cool over 20-30 minutes before getting in. Personally I don't, but I like cold baths lol] get in and pour/wash yourself with the water. As you do visualize/feel the pure water washing away the negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. When ready, drain the tub, sit and let the water take the energy far away from you. Then, cast a protection spell on yourself and/or wear a protection amulet/rune. You might also need to cleanse and protect the house. The simplist way is to smudge the house with sage. [Check out the articles and spells for more] as with yourself, you should protect your house as well.

Now that you've wiped the slate clean, you can cast spells to help you. Focus on a job first [but that's just my opinion] then try a spell to attract love to you. If you're still worried that the curse remains, try a tarot reading or some other type of divination to be sure, but I feel its just some negative energy sticking to you and not a curse. Good luck, blessed be.
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Re: how to know curse?
Post # 4
I'm heartily thankful for your advice. Yes I was sufferring from sadness, negative thoughts, demoralised but since one month ago I have been doing meditation and some other positive readings to try to motivate myself.
Yes, My surrounding has lots of negative people who always demotivate me and filled my mind that I cannot do nothing or that is impossible or etc.
But, somehow i follow my inner instinct and trying to overcome through meditation .
I will also follow your good advice.
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Re: how to know curse?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Blake, I feel your pain, brother. I have been in a "odd" phase for most of my life, never seeming to go anywhere. Heck, I am alone and sharing a house with 6 cats and a dog on Ostara. Thankfully, I have been trying to focus on the positives, studying and practicing my craft, and trying to set myself some attainable goals. Plus, wine don't hurt either! Anyway, meditation has been key for me, as well as diving deep into studies. I would love to cleanse myself with a nice hot bath, I don't have a water heater! Focus on the positives. I find when my mind is occupied and engaged, time seems to pass rather quickly. This is a phase, you must believe you can and will rise above it.
Good luck and may you grow!
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Re: how to know curse?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

I use fire scrying to decipher if someone is cursed or not. It's a relatively simple process.

When fire scrying Test Your Area First. Get the same kind of candle you are going to be using. Put it in a plain candle holder and light it. Let it sit there and observe it. If it isn't sitting there still like a normal flame, you need to find a better area. Notice it's color, it's size etc. This is "normal" for your candle. Keep it in mind.


You need a quartz crystal point (2in at least, no baby ones!) , a candle, olive oil, basil, salt, a candle holder (preferably one with either an empty space underneath or elevate it on a plate with 4 small blocks and a cup of water. If you are checking for yourself you need nothing more. If you are checking for someone else, you need either something they wear or a photo taken (either one but it must be since they have felt "cursed"). You can write on the back of the photo (or a separate piece of paper their name, birthday, and any other information that "identifies them" like nicknames, location, etc).

Okay! Setup time.

Mix the basil and olive oil while "blessing" it. Annoint the candle with the oil bottom to top (direction is important!) on four sides (pretend the candle is squared off). I like to make sure the basil gets on the candle well, creating a speckled appearance (you'll see why later).

Put your candle holder or elevated candle construction in the center of your sacred space (be sure it's "clean" already!) and place the candle in the holder. Now draw a salt line circle around this entire candle holder. I have used chalk for this too, but I prefer the effect of salt.

Now if you are doing it for you, place the crystal OVER the salt line (literally on it like a "bridge") and pointing under the candle with the backend of it facing you. Touch the quartz and see your personal energy that happens to be buzzing AROUND you (outside aura not in you) naturally flowing through this crystal and being focused under the candle. Now touch the candle and see the energy that's focused under the candle moving up through the candle to the wick. Do this for a about 2-5 minutes until you can see or feel a nice line. Don't push it through, you're not trying to fuel anything. Let it flow naturally like water. You don't want the candle to act off your spirit but off the energy that could be attached to you!

If it is for someone else, place these objects furthest away from you on the opposite side of the candle and direct the crystal on the salt line bridging it to the candle. Don't forget to guide the flow like I explained above.

Now light the candle. Take a few breaths, close your eyes, give the flame a little time to adjust and your mind time to become blank and quiet. Now open your eyes and look at the flame. Notice it's shape, color, aura, size. If it appears darker than a normal flame should be. If the flame is splitting like a fork. If it is snapping, bouncing, or otherwise appearing to be acting unusual for a candle flame. Is it struggling for life? Does it go out by itself? These are things that would denote something is not right. Look into flame scrying for more possibilities and if your flame does something you're not sure of, you can always PM me. I'm an avid fire scryer. Now, if you are talented at scrying, you can usually get yourself into a nice trance and deduce the nature of whatever is attached to either yourself or someone you're checking for. BUT if you are not, or for whatever reason the flame is not being your friend, without restraint or hesitation, pull the candle out of the holder (while lit) and plunge it into the cup of water until the wick hits the bottom. Now leave it there and scry the water. The oil and basil will begin to form images on the surface. Observe them quietly and leave your mind open. Observe any immediate interpretations you may have. Those "aha!" instant thoughts are the diamonds. This should give you more insight as to what the nature of the affliction is and what it is trying to do and sometimes if you are lucky, even clues to who did it. Be aware that self curses are most common, so if you see something that represents you, you know you need to watch and curb your negative thinking.

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