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spells that seem not to

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► spells that seem not to
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spells that seem not to
Post # 1
spells that seem not to work... at least for me... And to me they sound like it makes you sound like they would make you look like a crazy person or a coward...
1: invisibility spell... It's in my opinion impossible and if you can't come up to a person in person and settle your problems face to face then you are a coward if it's possible... I have tried it in the past a hundred times or more almost literally and it doesn't work... But if it's true then I suppose it's possible, but it's useless, makes you look like the biggest coward and the weakest person on earth... Unless you were just using it to hide from someone, in that case it's OK to do it...
2: werewolf spells, it's impossible to do, you can't change your genetics nor your physical appearance...
3: vampire spells, look if you are looking for good looks and strength go to the gym for strength and as for beauty or to be handsome just go put beauty products on and besides NO ONE IS UGLY everyone is beautiful on the inside, but if you are bothered by it just go get plastic surgery...
And again I say NO ONE IS UGLY, NO ONE...
And if you want to be strong you can be Strong on the inside not the outside...

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Re: spells that seem not to
Post # 2
And the fact that they are in the fantasy and trick sections didn't tip you of that they dont work... :-/ and by the way invisible spells are supposed to just make you less noticeable
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Re: spells that seem not
By: / Novice
Post # 3
A much more effective method is shroud. Very simple. Simply say aloud. SHROUD. Firmly but not loud enough for everybody else to conciously hear you, while visualizing yourself blending in with your surroundings and every body else going about their business. For example on a busy street. Its defensive for the common person, if anyone was confused. Not for stalking with malicious intent.
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Re: spells that seem not to
Post # 4
To me no spell is real unless you are capable of making it work..simple if you are able to make spell work hopefully anyone will get common sense to think deep How much DNA gonna change and multiply to grow your teeth nails instant XD God save you from pain or instant conversion and growing, if it's real (to me it's not).. Some people took these spells wrong,werewolf spells to me are the spells to aid spirit or action of a wolf in any practice..like werewolf spell to be strong and courageous...accepting the aid and ability of wolf as totem spirit to be fear less.. Like learning the wisdom of wolf..Yet it's all of your point of view..Vampires spell I take as psychic vampires (Energy or emotions related magic) Helps to remove confusion and stay clear..Blessed Be..
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