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New Magic Book

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New Magic Book
Post # 1
I just published a book titled: Magical Wands - A Cornucopia of Wand Lore. It is available from Amazon.com:



Re: New Magic Book
Post # 2
Well that was rude. Tell us what the book cost and why we should buy it. Are you a credible source or looking to make a buck? If members of this site buy your book, does SoM get a percentage? Further this should have been posted under advertisements. :-)

Re: New Magic Book
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Advertisements from General Info.

Re: New Magic Book
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
There is nothing on your profile. How do we know if you are competent to write such a book? There are hundreds of similar books; most of which are rubbish! So what is different about yours? And about wands?
I have been a witch for over seventy years, and never had a wand!

Re: New Magic Book
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Oh where shall I start?

The book doesn't seem to know whether it is fiction or fact. It talks about being lore taken from the secret Isle of Skye School of Magic where young witches and wizards go for magical training. Oh Harry Potter, are you there?? And the author claims to be a distinguised professor at this same fictitious school.

There might be some decent information hiding in this book but how will you tell when even the author doesn't seem to be aware of what is fact and what is fantasy?

Re: New Magic Book
Post # 6
Thank you. I was not aware that there was an advertisement section.

Re: New Magic Book
Post # 7
Apparently some people are so serious in their spiritual and religious beliefs that they are greatly offended by fantasy, seemingly considering it somewhat akin to blasphamy. Sigh. Don't you ever relax with a book purely for enjoyment? Part of the fun of fantasy is suspending disbelief and entering a world that is not but could be? Where spells have immediate and obvious results? Have you never read Tolkein, Rowling, and the like (although I am not in any way implying that my work is of their high level)? When you read the Harry Potter books or seen movies (assuming you did not find them offensive), did you not wonder what it might be like to read the textbooks he purchased at Flurish and Blotts? Was it not obvious to you that there is no invisible Isles of Sky School of Magick hidden off the coast of Scottland? I am quite comfortable living in a world that includes both the spiritual and fantasy, and I have no trouble telling the two apart. Don't you?

Re: New Magic Book
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Firesmith,any good author should know his audience and should indicate directly or at least imply what kind of text/book he or she just wrote.You created a thread in a site that is visited by very serious magical practitioners,despite the site itself indicates that it is for entertainment purposes.It is true that there are many young teens here, that find fiction and fantasy funny and entertaining,however the older experienced practitioners here will be anything, but happy bunnies reading your post.Therefore, you are addressing only your adultescent audience ,and the experienced mature folks are left in suspended wonder (speaking about suspension) if you are not just making a mockery of their practice and believes by posting advertisement for fiction book here.For example, I also do not see how fiction book or text fits as an appropriate subject in this forums.This is not site for rope play, storytelling or fiction.In fact those are strictly prohibited in forums and in chat.This is not exactly the best online platform to advertise your work,given the idea that part of your audience can perceive it as rather bizarre and touchy tactic for action.
There is a lot of disinformation and fantasy bordering with folly ,coming from our youth with which the serious practitioners here have to deal with on daily basis in chat and forums.Why are you so surprised that you got negative feedback from the other half of your audience?You have to consider also that the adults here are more inclined to write serious answers in forums ,while conducting forward their opinions if this is the right place to advertise fiction.I do enjoy reading fiction and fantasy books ,but I did not come here to read this type of books or about them.I did not come here , to take imaginary trips to fantasy lands and this is the answer you will get from our serious staff and most mature members of the community here.As people say produce the right book for the right audience, and advertise it on the right type of media.I do not understand why you have not done so and now you are trying to take us to fantasy trips,mentioning fantasy authors and so on.I think you are the one tripping here and strolling on the wrong online platform ,while minimizing your chances for success and gaining some respect as an author.You should be market,advertisement and audience savvy to stay in this kind of business.

Your second and third posts are not really helping your argument whatsoever,and I find them rather puzzling from a logical stand point of view.I would rather think that Tolkien was smart enough to not write about fiction in a science or non- fiction oriented magazine(or online platform in our case).The urgent question here is not if you or we can make difference between a fantasy and reality.The urgent and relevant questions are ... Can you make a difference between fictional and non- fictional online platform? Can you become an audience savvy author?Can you read forums ,before posting?Can you create appropriate title for your thread ,that is not ambiguous and misleading?

Yes,your title (heading) is very ambiguous,because you did not mention the word fiction,therefore we assume it is about serious magic ,since this is a forum for this type of magic.Should you have named it for example "My New Fictional Magical Book" you could have avoided many negative comments coming your way.You did not do so, and it is only logical that you got negative comments. I find them very fair in general.This is a massive and basic error for any self-respected author.

From what you have shown in terms of writing and argument constructing so far, I have concluded that you lack common sense along with writing skills ,and you are not business and market savvy either.

Re: New Magic Book
Post # 9
You have a very valid point regard the incompleteness in the title of the post. I should have used the term fantasy clearly in the title or early at least early in the text. For the resulting confusion, I am truly sorry. I have already apologized for not posting it in the advertising area, an error made from ignorance of the existance of that area rather than an attempt to promote the book to a wider audience; another mistake I will admit to. I also want to stress that the intent is not to belittle anyone's beliefs. I also appologize for not making that clear in my second post. As to combatting misinformation, I can understand your concern although I am not convinced that it is as big of a problem as you feel (although I grant that I may be wrong regarding this. Also for what it's worth, I have endeavored to base a great deal of the content on widely held and published metphysical beliefs as well as where practical, I have also kept to remain factual (especially with regard to trees and crystals). Granted, I have done this and worked to make the underly magical theory consistent primarily to support believability and make the book seem more realistic as a textbook. Given that, we have probably reached a place of deminishing returns so I have no plans to continue to whip this rapidly dying horse.

Re: New Magic Book
Post # 10
Actually, one final clarification. Someone suggested that I might have written the book to earn a quick buck. Books such as this probably never sell enough to cover the time one spends writting them, certainly I would be amazed if it turns out to even be minimum wage based on hours spent writing. Especially given that the book is 500 pages in 7x10 format. Rather, I wrote the book I wanted to read because I could not find one in print. Before you point out that there are several existing magic wand books, I know and have purchased and read them. While interesting and worth reading, they were not the book I was looking for.

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