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Post # 1
Ok so I just remembered while reading on the language of angels and their latters, even know the book whas a reck, but the language is mentioned most places as the language of angels, with the same alphabet, so I started thinking didn't I read somewhere aboat a language of dragons so I googled it and most of the results I got differed (aside from those aboat some video game) so I whas wondering can anyone provide me with some info, maybe some links or at least a name, preferably a web page that offers mor detailed information and maybe a image of the latters of that language??? Anyway, at the moment I have nothing to go one in order to research, so any info no mather how small is much appreciated
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Re: dragon's
By: / Novice
Post # 2
In my experience with working with Dragons (The Spiritual Entity) they don't have their own 'language' like we do. They are always first and foremost beasts so I suppose their natural 'language' would be the same as any other animal like a dog or cat.

But like many different types of Spirit Working a Spirit isn't restricted to their own language, they can speak and you would hear it in your own tongue.

I doubt online sources on Dragon Magic very much because it is all too fantastical, its a subject that isn't really looked well upon because to some is classed as Fluff like Vampires and Werewolves.

Books I have not much clue, my entire experience on the subject has been through practice, actually reaching out and talking to a Dragon (UPG) but then you also get the whole Culture differences between Eastern Dragons to European and other cultures ideas of Dragons. In addition to the books I would not trust DJ Conway's information on them, its too "new age" and 'White Light' which generally aggravates traditionalists from different paths because she has a knack for "mixing' two different beliefs and calling it Traditional.
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Re: dragon's
Post # 3
Whel yea I know that entities typically communicate with people in the person's native language, but how does that stop them from having a language af their ownn
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Re: dragon's
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

The language you speak of is Enochian, correct? It is accepted as such because of humans who interpreted a spiritual energy into a language, which can be done for dragons and other kinds of spirits except for the fact that there is no commonly known pantheon of dragons. Dragons from lore come from all over the world and while I cannot speak for them in having their own language or not, I can say that trying to interpret a universal language between spirits of multiple paths could be a difficult task.

Even though Enochian is considered the language of angels, you have to account for human error. We can't consciously comprehend the spiritual essence, but we can interpret them in a manner that we can understand. For all we know, Enochian in actuality can look like a blob of water. The same goes for a language of dragons or a language of any other kind of spirit.

I would begin researching the lore where dragons, serpents, and wyrms come from in their original context. For example, Fafnir is cited as a serpent or a dragon, but he is really a Dwarf (or Dvergr) that has changed his shape into one.

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