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Strong Personal Barrier

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Strong Personal Barrier
Post # 1
*I am open to all suggestions as to what I might add, pleae do let me know if you think of something I missed as this is a rough draft only*

Use at your own will

This technique works your energy into the body quickly, compacts it and exerts it with triple the force sending out a shock wave to cleanse the area around you and fills it with positive energies while simultaneously deploying a triple layered barrier that wards of magic for an extended amount of time, depending ones own mental reserves, but do so, think happy thoughts while you are at it :)

This does not require any recourse but if you would like to use either a white or a yellow candle while you do this it would help greatly while trying to focus, remember you get back as much as you give in this situation so there is no harm in having more candles, or forming your star with the candles, or mixing the candles colors around, I chose yellow as it personally works for me the best

To start:
Prepare your mind by getting into a meditative state, feel the sensations around you, feel the room, the mood that has been set by the activities that have taken place there during the day, or night, find your position in the room, your feet on the floor, mind calm and peaceful, absent of thought, there is only awareness and growth, your body feels light, perhaps there is a "tingle" in your hands, this is a good sign, it shows that you have built up this energy needed and is potentially your sign to begin the technique

I assure you if you keep hold of your happy thoughts it will be a grand experience :)

Firmly think to yourself about the force that you have gathered within your own body, while pouring energy into the body we create a flow, don't get discouraged if you do not feel this right off the bat, think of it as an opportunity to try it again

think about the energies that are stored within you bursting out when you clap your hands sternly while thinking "Cleanse my area!!!"

you should feel a blast of force from you that shreds through darkness, you should envision this.

Simultaneously picture a barrier coming to form around your body, this barrier purpose is to keep anything out of your recently cleansed space, this is the first layer of the three

Once the first is up you may work on the second, placing this one up requires bouncing your good emotions and positive energies from inside yourself to inevitably extent close to the size of the second, but not bigger as the first protects your second and visa verse, The second one protect you from emotional/spiritual harm while it lasts

the third should be considered as a filter the neutralize the energies further as it will be smaller than the other two and the closest to your ethereal body, an area which deals heavily with how other things effect the self. repeat the same process as the second, while thinking this and the filter should be set in place perfectly.

If you don't know the hands sign for dragon, it would help, right thumb on top of left thumb(twin heads), 3 fingers interlocked in the middle(the body), and pinky tip touching pinky tip(tails touching), palms facing you.

Do this while thinking PLEASE GOOD DRAGONS, SANCTIFY MY SEAL!!!, and the seal will be set giving you an extended period of time in which this spell will last.

you should feel the protective shell around you manifest into one, still separated into three, the barrier is in tune now, breather deeply and meditate on it if you wish, to help understand that which you have done yourself :)

~Sage of the White Flames
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Re: Strong Personal Barrier
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

**Mod hat on** Please remember that typing in capital letters is a violation of the rules on this site. Continuing to do so could result in deleted posts.

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Re: Strong Personal Barrier
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Spell Suggestions.
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Re: Strong Personal Barrier
Post # 4
Apologies for the cap happy "saying" it is noted, and will not happen again :)
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