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Communication Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Having seen the recent spate of desperate individuals post in these forums, Here is a spell that I devised myself, after careful research. While NOT a cure-all to relationship problems, it should be cast with the intent of opening lines of communication between parties. It will not bring 2 lovers back together to ride off into the sunset, but might clear some debris on the path to reconciliation via communication.
I have never written a spell solely for the use of others, so if I omitted something, or if there are any results (good or fail), please PM me or post here! I have done items/ingredients in groups of 2 for obvious reasons, and have included the correspondences also to validate my reasoning behind the choices. properties of said items are included also.
Gannon Rapta
2 Royal blue candles~ promotes laughter, happiness & loyalty; Increases caster's influence where needed.
2 Light blue candles~ Peace & tranquility in the home; Synthesis.
2 Green candles~ Harmony/ good luck.
2 Pink candles~ Love/ friendship; represents your feelings for the person in question.
**Herbal ingredients: This is for a sachet, not consumption. Do not consume this!
2 pinches Cayenne powder (separation);
2 Chamomile leaves, or contents of 2 chamomile-only teabags (love, healing & de-stressing)Not the bags~ contents only.
Adding Chamomile also increases the odds of success ;)
2 pinches Coriander seed or 2 dried sprigs of Cilantro. Whichever is handy; they are corresponding subs for each other.
(promotes peace among parties not getting along).
2 Eucalyptus leaves (Reconciliation of differences in relationship).
**Crystals: All should be small, as they will be in sachet also.
2 Plain Azurite (maintaining communication)
2 Chalcedony (Alleviating hostilities, irritability & melancholy).
2 Amethysts (love & healing).
**other items:
*An old white cotton t-shirt to make sachet.
*Incense to set the tone (which is repairing your relationship and rekindling romance). I suggest researching to find which is best for this. It also makes this more personally tailored, and thus increases the odds of success.
*A piece of paper expressing your feelings/ desire to patch things up written in black ink, folded so it can fit in sachet.
Now, Cleanse the items before creating the sachet, and charge them with your own energy. Whichever cleansing method works for you is the one. This spell requires a lot of your energy and emotion to be potent and effective. Make it yours!
Once the items are cleansed/ charged, begin construction of the sachet. Cut 2 equal-sized squares and stitch up 3 of the sides. Pray to your Deities/spirits, and ask their blessing on this spell. As to the size, it wholly depends on the mass of the contents, so use your judgment and craft combining the pre-cut pieces first, leaving the top open for filling. Close up the top once the contents are all inside. Set aside until ready to use in the area you have chosen to conduct the meditation and spell. Choose an area where there will be no disturbances, preferably an area the two of you spent a lot of good times together. Those areas tend to retain positive energy for a while. My research has found Wednesday at midnight to be the most conducive to this spell. Here are the reasons why:
Colour~ Purple
Planet: Mercury
Symbols: Jobs, wisdom, inspiration, meditation, study, self-improvement, spirituality, understanding, divination, COMMUNICATION, messages, healing and power.
Now quiet is the key from here on. In the area, set the candles in a circle (no particular order) with a space in the center for you. Make sure they and the incense will not pose a fire hazard to you or your home. About a foot should be between you/ candles! Light the candles/ incense. Engage in your favorite meditative exercises to relax and center you, and keep a fixed picture of the person in your mind. Holding the sachet you made in your right hand,(your emotion and desire are involved, so if you start tearing up or anything like that, it is OK, and adds energy to the spell.) and say these words:
" (person's name)hear me call out to thee; Our path lies blocked before me. Hear me! No debris- wood or stone will stand between you and me!" Pause and breathe slowly.
" Walls shall tumble, and trees brought down; Rivers change course and fences upheaved; None of these things will deter me!"
(this is metaphoric of course!)Pause/ breathe.
"Now the path shall be open and clear, for us to communicate my dear!" Pause/ breathe.
"All I desire shall be made known; Return, please to our home."
The ritualistic aspect has now concluded. Blow out the candles, but let the incense finish burning. Arise and hide the sachet in a secret spot not known to your love. This is key. Allow for a sufficient and reasonable amount of time to pass, sometimes it can happen soon, sometimes later. Be patient! Do not disturb it if at all possible. If the spell does not produce results in a month, retrieve the sachet and bury it, starting the process over. Give it time, and best of wishes to you.
DISCLAIMER: This spell is not intended to be a cure-all for relationship issues, do not expect it to heal the issues and end up blissfully riding off into the sunset happily ever after, or change the other persons heart or mind. All it is intended to do is remove barriers to communication, the final outcome is determined by the parties involved. Honesty and openness are key to reconciling differences, if that is possible. And so is a willingness to forgive and make a fresh start.
Blessed Be. PM me or post here if you have any results, good or fail, I would like to know how it works.
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Re: Communication Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
A thought just occurred to me. This is a re-connection spell, designed to re-establish communication where there was none. It stands to reason, then, that this can be changed in certain aspects to be a wonderful tool that can be utilized to also re-connect with anyone one wishes to find and connect with old friends, family, etc. The ingredients for the sachet can be swapped for the intended desire, as well as the candle colours! Even the words themselves can be tailored to suit the particular need/ desire. They should still follow the same line of thought, the heartfelt desire to remove obstacles blocking you. Wednesday is still the best day, being most conducive to communication spells. Again, let me know via PM or post here any/ all results, as my curiosity is now doubly aroused!!
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