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Spirit Guides

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Spirit Guides
Post # 1
I just read on a thread on spirit guides that they choose you before you are born. This is true. This is how I know: as a small child, I did not know I had witches in my ancestry. And Chritians, my mother being the main one, had taught me that magick was bad. Nevertheless (I know now that it was my spirit guide,) for some reason, when I would take long hot baths, I could feel a powerful, yet gentle energy inside me. I then began to pull it out through my hands and send it from one hand to the other. I'm sure glad mom did't walk in on me. She probably would have had all the church leaders lay hands on me, not knowing I would only draw their energy and have more to play with that night.LOL!!! Christians use the magick of energy too. They just don't know what it is. Then, at eighteen, I met a man who helped me develop some skill in directing energy. But, for some reason (I think it may be because I was born a witch and he may not have been), I always felt and seemed stronger than he. I, from very early on, exeeded him in basic energy exercises, like transference and dispersing clouds. He never spoke of spirit guides, but I'm sure he has one. But mine quickly developed our bond, AND my skill and knowledge and understanding of earth energy without books. I'm now learning in books what my guide taught me almost 20 years ago. So, lately, I rekindled my bond with my spirit guide, and I'm loving it! He (I say "he" to avoid being so degrading as to say "it") even told me his name through my own mouth (sorry, that's private). He showed me in a vision, in the same bonding session, that he is a hawk spirit. Now I'm learning here that many spirit guides are animal spirits. And now I see it's no coincidence that the hawk has always been my favorite animal. So, friends and brethren, bond with your spirit guides. They will guide us in all things. Mine guided me in my first ritual, at 18 years old, with no instuction from people or books, and the ritual worked like a charm.
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Re: Spirit Guides
Post # 2
more info on hawk totems: (not that you asked, just sharing)

Hawks are visionaries and messengers. As a totem they help to open the higher chakras so that we may hear and see the visions and messages that Spirit and the Universe are always sending our way. There is never a moment when the Universe is not trying to get a message through to us but we are so often too busy or unaware of what it is we need to be watching for! Hawk helps us to not only be aware that we are receiving a message but how to interpret them. The realm of symbols is also the realm of Hawk for Hawk is able to soar high above the earth to soar on the breath of Spirit, to commune with Spirit and thus understand through the intuitive level what the message means and with their keen eyesight, how to implement it once they return to earth through seeing the broader picture below.

Many of the messages Hawk may bring are about freeing yourself of thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your ability to soar above your life and gain a greater perspective. If one remains earthbound, then the possibilities of life are limited! It is this ability to soar high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that is one of the aspects of Hawk medicine that makes it so valuable: If one is undergoing a difficult passage to know that just over the next hill is freedom and liberation if one keeps going can be a Godsend in supporting the person to keep moving forward! Likewise, if the path is not appropriate, Hawk Medicine can alert one to this and point out a far more favourable path.

Hawk medicine unites Heaven and Earth. Because of their ability to soar, they are able to reach up to the heavens to extract needed information and bring it back to earth. Much of this information is also very practical for use on a daily basis! It is not only higher concepts or ideas that are relayed, but also information we need to make our material or mundane lives more prosperous and fulfilling. For those who have difficulty attracting financial well being due to false or negative beliefs about money and success, Hawk can help to understand the true spiritual intent and purpose behind money and guide one in establishing new beliefs that are more joyful and abundant in nature.

In the Celtic tradition Hawk empowers a person to seek out their ancestral roots and to examine in depth that which is positive so that it may be integrated into the person's life and that which is limiting so it can be released. Tradition is only worth honoring when it supports joy and fulfillment in one's life! In this tradition Hawk also supports the solar side as stated above, helping a person to move forward in life and to seek out great quests to embark upon.

In the Egyptian Tradition Hawk was associated with Magic and shapeshifting. Isis is said to have shapeshifted into a Hawk to save Osiris. Horus also carried Hawk medicine which allowed him to see the "unseeable".

Among Native American traditions, Hawk served the role of Mercury, bringer of messages and portents of change. Hawk reminded the people they needed to be awake and aware.

Here is a brief expression of three specific Hawk medicines:

Red Tailed Hawk - An intensified Life force, often those who carry this Hawk medicine have Pluto and Mars strong in the horoscope. These folks are able to achieve great things through persistence and sheer strength of will. This Hawk can also help a person understand and overcome obstacles to prosperity and abundance.

Harris Hawk - represents cooperation and support from others. Libra or Venus may be strong in the horoscope or Venus in Aquarius or in the 11th house. A more Mercurial/Virgo aspect is also prominent with this medicine, also the North Node in Virgo or the 11th house. This Hawk helps one to spread the word about goals or projects to those people who can be helpful for you. For those who use music to help them soar high above, this is a wonderful totem to be working with as it helps to integrate music and sound as a healing modality.

Sparrowhawk - Awareness that opportunities that seem small on the surface have the potential for great growth and expansion over time. This Hawk helps us to see through to the heart of events and synchronicities that are trying to lead us to our greater goals and higher good. So often we ignore the smaller things in life because we can't see how they could possibly be of much use to us or help us to resolve a problem. Yet when we soar high above to see where they fit in the larger scheme of things, we see how they are a jumping off point that if it were not presented to us and pursued, we could not reach that we are truly seeking.

(excerpts from https://morningstar.netfirms.com/hawktotem.html)
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Re: Spirit Guides
Post # 3
WOW!!! You just gave me flashbacks, enabling me to see many of his workings I did't even know were there. I have dreams and visions that come to pass. I can also interpret dreams. I perceive events as or before they happen. I see through people like glass. I'm ALWAYS protected from harm. All this, among many other things, I see are the workings of my hawk (my main) spirit guide. Thanks!
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Re: Spirit Guides
Post # 4
And, please, always feel free to share with me anything to help me on my journey? Confirmation in the physical realm creates balance between mind and spirit.
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Re: Spirit Guides
Post # 5
Your soul is older than your body so yes
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Re: Spirit Guides
Post # 6
my spirit guide is a dragon. i just met him a few months ago, and he has imparted lots of wisdom to me. i would like to learn more about dragons. does anyone know any tipical characteristics of dragon spirit guides? thanks.
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Re: Spirit Guides
Post # 7
how do i find my spirit guide?
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Re: Spirit Guides
Post # 8
Pray to it in solitude. Ask its name. Talk to it every day. It's there. You just have to acknowledge it.
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Re: Spirit Guides
Post # 9
Well, I don't know if he's a spirit guide, but my "company" Los give quite a few hadaches when I try to figure him out.
He's not an animal, but appears to me as a blond little boy tied to a white chait in a white room. In an abyss. In a forest. In a waterfall. Sometimes I just hear his voice by my side or even inside my toughts, and he tells me things, teach me what I need for the moment, and sometimes just talk.
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Re: Spirit Guides
Post # 10
Whoa. A lot of people have predator spirit guides.
Mine is the deer.
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