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Name: PeterWulf
Birthday: Jan 8 1996
Location: Brazil. Being more acurrate, studying like hell was on my shoes, and askinb for the college loans.
Gender: Male
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By the will of the Storm. For the last time: I'M NOT A WEREWOLF! Wulf is actually my real surname. Welcome!. (Well, even tought i'm brazillian, for some reason I have a strong Romanic accent when talking english. Regard by my friends as " a drunken romanian trying to do an impression of a australian imitating a english man", so, feel free to read the bio below in that broken accent and try have some fun.) I'm Peter A. Wulf, student of Musical Education and flute player. I do soundtrack for games and have a game producer company of my own, but we haven't released any game. Yet. I work mostly with protection spells (wich I learned from Los, my friend) and some very specific kind of hexes, altought not many and rarely. I follow mostly the Chinese pantheon, and hold Nu wa, guardian of the wall, as my patroness. (The other goddess I worship is Danna, fae goddess of Storm. But since she's not really well-known, it's easier to say that I work with the Chinese pantheon). My area of study is mostly focused on: 1- Spellcrafting 2- Energy flux 3- Divination (usually by tarot. I have been training Umbromancy for awhile now, but to be honest, I suck at it.) 4- The "Clair senses" Anyway, if you feel like messaging me, do it! I'll be really glad on replying. You can do it here or on my kik (Cressus). Oh, by the way. I'm currently open for spellcrafting, just mail me and say what you want. Of course, there are some rules: 1. There's no way on changing into another being, you're a human, not a Ditto. 3. Nor to attract money. 4. Or to reverse time. Wanna change the past? Go study some Quantum Physics and tell me why it's not a good idea. 5. Last but not least: I'll not cast it for ya. Just... Don't. Well, now a Haiku about getting out of the bed: No, no no no no No no no no no, no no, no no no An oak tree.