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New&my story if u will :)
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Hi there, hope all is well!

Wanted to share a brief story of mine if i may.

When i was a child (under 10 years old) i had a dream i could fly. Now i know we all get those but when i was younger the next day i asked my dad what did it mean? Because it really did feel magical to me and the dream always stayed with me ever since and I remember really wanting a meaningful answer. My dad responded it was just a dream and we all have dreams thinking we could fly. Wasn't quite the answer i wanted since i was only a child and we all want to believe in all that "out there" stuff to some degree (i did anyway).

Growing up into my older years i never had one again and always thought (or was possibly made to believe) it was just my imagination running wild, specially when it was in those early days in life when your not to sure what to believe and hearing alot of peoples bullsh*t in life growing up i guess can throw you off target kinda.

I'm 27 now but last year on a day i felt i learnt something about my self, (which was only looking at the possibility of being a "spiritual individual"). The following night when i went to bed i woke up in my sleep and all of a sudden i was in the middle of the universe basically FLYING all around it, stars and purple/orange majestical madness all over and i remember it being an amazing feeling running through me..

The next day when i was on my break at work and had a quiet minute to my self i finally realized about "the dream" from the night before.. i paused and thought about it.. all i could say is that it was a nice feeling looking back on it and it connecting to the feeling of wonder i had when i was a child and the dream i had then..

I'm aware of what astral projection is.. but..

Is anyone able to explain to me what this really means??

Where can i go with it?

What can i do to know more?

I'm always about growing mentally as much as i can and more.. Love the possibility of magic and what that means.

I came across this site and felt to throw this out there.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: New&my story if u will :)
By: Moderator / Adept
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