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spells for kids

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► spells for kids
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spells for kids
Post # 1
most of you think kids dont do spells but me and my friend do it all the time.

i can tell you if you were born 13 friday any month your a vampire. high energetic werewolf. love flowers so much you feel like dancing in the flowers and intuch with nature you are a fairy. love swimimg mermaid. feel weird inside like a gift see if you have powers you are a witch.

i hope i solved your answer thank you for reading feel free to ask any question.

Re: spells for kids
Post # 2
I don't think anyone has really doubted children did magick. What we do know is that children like to associate magick with things like werewolves and dracopyres or whatnot. Any magick that claims to be able to change your DNA to something impossible, or to defy the laws of physics, is called 'fluff'. If you feel as though you have spells to add involving werewolves or anything of the sort, contribute them to the 'Fantasy Spells' section.

Re: spells for kids
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
There are plenty of children that practice magick with the aid of their elders. It is when children believe their peers and fantasy movies and books pertaining to magick where it becomes a joke. Speak to one of your elders about what you just wrote here kiki. If you cannot, because your elders are not teaching you, then therein lies the problem. There is absolutely no serious book on magick, even the worst of them, that promote what you have written here.

Many here say "everyone's soul is human", well that isn't exactly right. The correct statement (or politically correct statement) is that our bodies are human and our souls are all the same. What makes us different is our affinities and our progress in spiritual development.

Being in touch with nature is apart of our religion and practice. We (pagans/heathens) are nature worshipers!

Do you know that Friday was known as the witches sabbath? And did you know a coven was believed to contain 13 members because it was a number of power? Most feared witches and therefore considered anything associated with them to be "evil". So together, both the date the 13th and the day Friday together to them was an ill omen indeed. But not to a witch! So why dear, would it have the ability to cause someone born then to be vampiric? If you consider us to be so evil as to curse the poor babies souls that are born on that day to a life of death and misery, why are you yourself a witch? It is pure silliness. There is no truth in that.

The full moon insanity has its origin in lunacy--people go crazy during the full moon. They are sensitive to the same pull that moves the tides.

The scare of wolves as men came when rabies spread. A person would be bitten, but the bite would hurt far more intensely, then they would grow ill, then begin to foam at the mouth and act savage as their nervous system was attacked by the illness quite painfully. You can imagine how utterly frightening it would be. We do not see such things now (often) because thankfully we have vaccines and medicines that prevent it. The recent "bath salt zombie" incidents demonstrates the scary reality of how much of an animal we truly are and what we are capable of when the part of our brain that separates us from being wild and carnal shuts off. It also teaches young ones like you why drugs are bad and you should stay away from them! Don't do drugs!

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