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Real Healing Art
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The secret of Thoth and Yeshua teaching of Restoring the YIN and YANG, I shall reveal now:

I learn of this secret awhile but wasn't sure how to explain and now I shall help you understand.

From Delores Cannon book, Jesus and the Essense.

Suddi said: And he could, using his abilities on those who were sick, he could balance their energies to where they would be well again.

Yeshua balance the Yin and Yang energy, the positive and negative.

Thoth written:

Know ye, O man, that thy form is dual,
balanced in polarity while formed in its form.
Know that when fast on thee Death approaches,
it is only because thy balance is shaken.
It is only because one pole has been lost.
Know that the secret of life in Amenti
is the secret of restoring the balance of poles.
All that exists has form and is living
because of the Spirit of life in its poles.

List ye, O man, whilst I give the secret so that
ye, too, shalt taste not of change.
One hour each day shalt thou lie
with thine head pointed to the
place of the positive pole.
One hour each day shalt thy head be
pointed to the place of the negative pole.

Whilst thy head is placed to the northward,
hold thou thy consciousness from the chest to the head.
And when thy head is placed southward,
hold thou thy thought from chest to the feet.

[By the site, the person wrote 'North Poles and South Poles - and that's the mistake. Someone people would actually stand on their head and stand for an hour and they still don't understand.]

Thoth is teaching WHERE THE POLES ARE.

One poles lies between the chest and head. (Positive)

The other Chest and Feet. (Negative)

Now understand this, with the mind, move your soul energy into the person body.

Feel the energy of yours has aligned with them.

Try to see into them using the senses.

You shall feel two type of energy ball within them.

One will be high and the other would be low.

This is what Yeshua did to balance back their energy.

He focus on the energy of their and he channeled his energy and move it into the poles that required more energy.

Once you restore the energies, you shall feel their ball of energy shifted.

But remember, too much yin or yang will cause them to cough, be sick.

This is secret teaching that must come to light but no darkness shall learn and profane this teaching.

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Re: Real Healing Art
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Actualy yin and yang dont symbolise positive and negative, but any balance of opisantes (or how ever your soposed to spell it) that makes perfect harmony, but what you said is nothing new, actualy most healers start with that and move on to the advanced stuff (or I did anyway)
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