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Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Love/Attraction
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Post # 1

So, I've looked everywhere for a pretty simple love spell and didn't found any that fit my needs(Not even approximately!).

Brief: So, I know this person. Some years back we had a little "something" nothing big, we were just 13 yrs back. We gonna call that person "D"

yeah, D. talked with me, also sent me sweet love message(On papers and on Facebook)... D also kissed me once, while getting up from the chair next to me, it was cute, sweet and I became red as a tomato INSTANTLY! xD then I remember some days after some persons told us that we can't be together, and that we shouldn't be, D's friends were of another religion and didn't approve us together neither did some of the bloody teenagers of my religion. And I guess D's drifted away from me cause of those bloody "FRIENDS". They must have made up D's mind to quit me, and you know how peer's pressure influence someone's.

Now, we almost NEVER TALK, just some casual hello of Facebook or a just a smile, head-sign to say hello and THAT'S IT!

I would really like to have D. back as before, even if we have to hide from others. My point is that:

I need a spell to get D back but there's a problem, I don't know if D was playing with me or really loved me.

I just want D. Back. Please help me
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Re: Love/Attraction
Post # 2
Love spells dont give you love, just the ilusion of love, it would be best to talk it aot with her
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Re: Love/Attraction
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
As you don't give your age, or if D is male or female, you are
not easy to judge.
However,you say you were 13 at the first attraction. At that age many children are attracted to the same sex; with friends of the same sex.Boys mix with boys; girls with girls.
Then they grow out of it,most times. It is also a fact of life! Relationships come and go all the time.
If you have one life-long friend you are very lucky; if you have two; you are well blessed!
It may not be religion that caused D to be no longer attracted to you. Just that they have become more "grown up".
You will find others; we all do!
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Re: Love/Attraction
Post # 4

Its understandable that you want "D" back but like someone has already said you're young. You'll soon move on and find someone else. It doesn't feel that way now but you will do. Love spells aren't the answer here. We all have to go through these things its part of life. Concentrate on what's important to you right now and you'll feel better for it. If he wasn't sure about you or you think he isn't then you're wasting your time missing him which could be spent doing things that you enjoy.

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Re: Love/Attraction
Post # 5
You can't get D back with just a spell, seeing as free will be a leak in the ones you will cast. but I would suggest searching for a spell that makes the truth come out.
It won't assure that if D likes you D will come back but at least you will know where you stand ! ;)
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Re: Love/Attraction
Post # 6
Ps: I made once a spell to remind a friend what he liked about me so his feelings would return and they did.
Only to fade away afterwards.
The thing is he did feel the same as before but that didn't take the feelings away he had at the moment. So eventhough he liked me there was still a part of him that knew why he didn't want to be with me or even be friends anymore.

(Before i casted the spell he blocked me, and after i casted it he unblocked me being all sweet for a week before problems unfolded themselves)
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Re: Love/Attraction
Post # 7
OK so here is what I have to tell you,

If your gonna just look for a spell and haven't found one yet your not going to and if you do it probably won't work for you. If your serious about using magick to solve your problem and if your going to continue to use magick listen to my word.

If you've been doing your homework on magic you may have already heard this but it's not recipe where you just follow the instructions and wallah you have a magickal suuffle.

Don't get me wrong you can use others spells and they can work better than any other spell you've done, but you don't always really need something that others say you need. What you should probably do is create your own spell. I recommend you first understand how magick works but here are some tips on enacting the spell.

1. Setup: plan the spell get whatever you think you need to get in the mood. Candels, sigils, incense, ect... You may not do exactly what you had planned and that's normal so go with it. Listen to your gut do only what feels right.

2.performance: now do whatever you think will bring out your desire and in truth all that matters is that every thing you do makes sense to you because the real magick is you not the spell. And even if you think you look silly there is a saying "believe in the lie" you need to convince yourself that the whole performance is important and will help you because you can't tap into your magick if you don't believe what your doing helps even if your really just putting on a show.

3.EXAUST ALL EMOTION: this technically a part of number 2 but it is so important I put it by itself. In spells people usually tell you to state and visualize your desire and outcome. But in the performance you exhaust all if your emotion until it is like gone (well more like tamed then gone)

4. Ground and detach: finish up and then clean up. It usually helps to state something like "it is done" or "so mote it be". Go make yourself a sandwich or something and try to dismiss any thought of the spell because it usually comes right when you forget about it.

Note: magick will always surprise you even when you get exactly what you want, this is because you grounded so well.

Tip: there are many systems of spellcasting this is just a general one. Most will suggest you do a clenseing first and this would be a good idea but it's your choice.
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