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Name: Valkryie_8
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Happily taken by my partner Fenris89, please don't flirt with me, if otherwise, I'll report you. Only open to mail from coven members, other mail will be ignored.

Traditional witchcraft is the path I've taken with an influence of Anglo Saxon polytheism thrown into the mix. My beliefs are my own and are too personal to share on my profile, they are beliefs that I've managed to form over the years with reason and logic behind them, rather than just blind faith. I practice ancestor venetration and invite them to commune with me regularly and intervene in my life. I don't do spells so please don't ask me for any.

I have a keen interest in the runes and runic based charms, which I like to include in my hobbies which are mainly anything to do with arts and crafts. Divination is my favourite area and my interests and practicies within it are; astrology chart reading, tarot cards and scrying, but I don't offer my servicies. I also have a keen interest in herbalism and have a moderate knowledge and practice of it.

I'm open minded towards other religions and ways of life, I'm a peaceful and a loving person. I don't have a lot to say about myself or my personal life.