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Introducing Myself

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Introducing Myself
Post # 1
Hello everyone, and BLESSED BE.
My name is Joao I am originally from Portugal, but destiny put me and my wife in the same place on the internet at the same time, and this lead to that...in the end we ended up marrying each other and move to Denver, CO: more precisely Castle Rock. (forgot to mention that she is an American).
When I met her she was already into the Wicca rituals, but since she didn't had no one to do it with her, she ended up stopping for a while, but never forgetting to see the moon and teaching me a little of this and a little of that.
Before I met my wife, I started entering into a state of no knowing what my path was, started failing in college and finally a good friend of mine arranged an encounter with a medium that told me I had abilities that could help living and the dead, i was a little bit skeptical, and I still am,to be honest.
The main reason why I got skeptical it was because the medium thought me just enough to open myself and them asked for money, without teaching me how to protect myself or even how to control myself. So I was there open without knowing how to control it until the obvious happen, I guess that anyone reading this will guess what happened next. But instead of attacking me, it went to someone on my circle of friends, that was the way that the entity found to call to my attention, I guess. I guess that what makes me skeptical is not knowing for sure if I do have the ability or if it was the medium after not getting paid that made something to that friend of mine.
I use a lot of the word "I guess" because I never had no one that would sit down and tested me, or talk with me explain what was happening, I read books, but it not the same thing and not always answer my questions. Most of the times in fact it raises more questions that gives answers, lol.
My wife she started to teach me somethings, and it is nice, last weekend we went to a store and I think I have found my call, but how can I be sure?
I've got several things for several practices, Tarot cards and Books about several subjects.
I learned that I am interested in Alchemy (know any good books about this? Or even how to start?) And Communications with the dead, not for personal gain, for a way to Help both worlds in the best way I can. My biggest question is What is the best way I can help? How can I find what is truthfully my call as far as communication with the dead?
If anyone could help me with this, even if it is pointing me to books or articles or a person that you know here in Denver, CO area I would really appreciate. :)
But if you read all the way down here I already give you my true thanks.
Thank you all, and BLESSED BE!
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Re: Introducing Myself
Post # 2

Welcome to the site! I hope you find it useful and fun. Blessed be.


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