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Newbie Guides

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Newbie Guides
Post # 1
Newbie Guide #01


By KingOfHarts

Welcome to Spells Of Magic (SoM for short)! I thought I might make a basic guide for you to start your journey. I will include two chapters, one for newbies and one for those who want to understand how everything is possible . So, to start off we will begin with the basics...

Chapter I: The Basics:

For those of you who are new to magick, i recomend you research and practice these. They are needed to be practiced and mastered (not nessicarily complete) to perform most spells and rituals. so i have made a list of them here.

  • Meditation
  • Visualisation
  • Grounding
  • Centring
  • Shielding
  • Correspondences (Such as Candle colours and their meanings, planetary days and moon phases etc.)
  • I recommend you practice these 2-3 times a week, concentrating on one (E.G. "This week I will focus on meditation").

    Once you are able to achieve this and do it easier then when you started, you should find the path for you if you have not already. This 'pathway' will show you what you should focus on throughout your practices. The path's you COULD choose from are:

  • Shamanism
  • Wiccan/pagan
  • And More!
  • Tips:

  • Make sure your chosen path suits your beliefs and background, do not change yourself just to fit into a certain one, let the path that suits you "come to you".
  • When meditating, concentrating on your breathing helps relax your mind, and at first May take some time to get into the "trance".
  • A Meditation To meditate first close your eyes, and you must relax your body, to do this, just relax each part of your body one by one starting wherever you choose.

    Next, you need to become aware . To do this just feel whatever your touching, smell whatever there is to smell, use all your sensors other then your vision to become aware of your surroundings.

    Once you have become aware of your surroundings, concentrate on your breathing; in through your nose, out through your mouth. Just keep doing this and you'll notice (don't try to notice this) that you are no longer aware of your surroundings or your thoughts. You are now meditating.










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    Re: Newbie Guides
    Post # 2
    Newbie Guides #02


    By KingOfHarts

    Chapter II: How Everything Works:

    How magic works you ask? It's actually very simple.

    "...What We Give Out, We Get Back." -Louise L. Hay

    What this means is that, if we believe 'we are never going to find love'; 'no one loves me', our subconscious hears this and it manipulates what we do in life. By saying that, and believing that, it becomes true for us. This could also be know as "manifestation".

    You may ask, "If this is true, then why do we have spells?" . Well it's actually quite simple, these spells, whether it be a chant, or some other form, are actually directing our intentions so that we believe it. So when our subconscious see's this, that this is what we want, he/she says "well if that's what you want..." And in time it shall come to you, if you stay true to your intention.

    I shall give an example:

    I want to not be bullied at school. I look for a spell that stops this on a website I found. I say a few words and a 'so mote it be' and I'm believing that this will work and I'll stop being bullied at school. And now your subconscious is listening that this is what you want, so, he changes how you act around people. Before, when you were having negative thoughts about how your always being bullied, you subconscious made you attract people who wanted to bully you, it changed the way you acted so people would. But now that's changed, your more confident, your excited and happy, and all those people who have bullied you just walk away(Maybe after some time).

    Now , that you are aware of what is happening, and you are wanting to find out if this is true. But you still cannot because you are doubting me at this very moment, you need to have a very clear intention, and have no doubt. But you can't take my word for it, so I won't bother trying to tell you otherwise.

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    Re: Newbie Guides
    Post # 3

    Although not a bad post, I feel some things need to be pointed out that are not right here.

    1) "Wiccan/Pagan" : Wicca is the religion, a Wiccan is someone within this religion. Pagan itself is an umbrella term, NOT a religious/magic practice. Many different religions can be called "pagan" religions, but there isn't a "Pagan" practice. Even still, Wicca is a closed religious practice that requires initiation into an active offline coven. Those who practice Wicca outside the coven are "NeoWiccans" due to the fact only someone initiated into a Wiccan coven can learn everything about Wicca. Similarly, Witchcraft is simply a folk magic practice that can be done with our without a chosen religious practice.

    2) The Basics : There are basics that vary from one practice to another, and this list should be considered a general list that may or may not apply to everyone. Although this is a good starting point, there are some things that need to be looked at when starting a new practice.

    3) Choosing a Path : I think it needs to be restated that one does not require a religious path in order to practice magick. No one has to choose anything. It needs to be stated that there are certain religious practices that are closed to outsiders, and as such, everyone should spend their time researching each practice and communicating with people within these practices before just picking and choosing things.

    Overall, I think this is a decent introductory and beginner post outside the things I pointed out.

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    Re: Newbie Guides
    Post # 4
    Only suggestions, not saying anyone should do this. Because they do have a choice. Also, I don't know much about wicca and those, so forgive me. Also the basics, those were just a general collection to help in further practices. But thank you for the corrections, if I wasn't corrected then I would be giving wrong information to those who are new and that would not be good. Many thanks, Harts
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    Re: Newbie Guides
    Post # 5
    Newbie Guide #03


    By KingOfHarts

    Chapter III: Just A Little Warm Up

    So now you know how it all works, so let's start another topic, this topic is about your life. To start here is an exercise I would like you all to do:


    I would like you to, on a piece of paper, write down 5-6 things you should do in your life.

    Now, I would like you to read each one to yourself, one by one, and after reading each one I would like you to ask yourself "why? Why should..."

    Now , after asking yourself why and, of course, answering, I would like you to read these out again. But instead of I should, change it to 'If I really wanted to, I could...'.

    Because the word should, says if you do other wise, then you are wrong, but by whose standards are you wrong? So the word could, is much more fitting, because it gives you choice, there is no right or wrong.

    So , after each one has been read out, instead of "why should I?" Ask yourself, "why haven't i?"

    Now that you have relief from all the things you "should" do, you can focus on what you want to do, Not what others say you should do.

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    Re: Newbie Guides
    By: / Novice
    Post # 6
    ^^ nice of you to take the time and all the points are worthy of further discussion and review

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